Year-Round Indoor Mini Golf That's Close to Home

When Kane was 3, we took him on vacation to Ocean City and we went mini golfing with him for the first time. It was terrible. He was in other people's space, climbing on the sculptures at each hole, swinging his club at passersby, and throwing balls over the fence. In other words- a freaking nightmare! Tim vowed to never mini golf with him again.

Two days later, he promised us he would pay attention and listen if we could just do another mini golf place that we stumbled upon further down the boardwalk. I petitioned on his behalf. He and I won. No one else around us did.

So, that was the last time we mini golfed. He's about to turn 7.

Fast forward to us discovering Angry Birds Mini Golf inside of American Dream. We had been there before for some other activities, but never for this. This was his last chance to prove he was ready to golf like an upstanding citizen and he did us proud!

Aside from the adorable photo ops leading into the course, it had all of his favorite scenes and characters from The Angry Birds movies and shows. Additionally, there are amazing (and unconventional) holes where you get to use a sling shot instead of your traditional golf club. It was a super fun activity for our whole family and no one left in a bad mood or with a bruise from Kane's club.

We exited into a gift shop and they have cute merchandise, but not outrageously priced. We left with a stainless steel water bottle and some surprise blind bag thing that wasn't small and junky like they usually are. Plus, if you played golf already, you get a discount on purchases!

You can head there to kill an hour or so or make a day of it and explore the other attractions, shopping, and more at the mall.

And even better...we scored you a deal! Not just a deal on the golf, but on the merchandise too! The codes are valid through October 31 for up to 4 tickets, so get golfing! Use the promo code littlehoboken15 at checkout here to get 15% off golf tickets and 15% off the gift shop!

We'll definitely be back soon and even heard that you can host a party there from a customer at our store!