Where To Get A Last-Minute Father's Day Gift!

Ok, so Mother's Day felt like it was last week, and somehow Father's Day is here already. If you're scrambling like me and need a last-minute gift for your favorite father figure, check out these options below. Many of them are local and can be picked up today.

So where to start? The key to his heart.. which is, through his stomach. Or so I hear. In my case, it's 100% true. Hoboken is home to so many good restaurants, Italian deli's, ice cream shops, and more. If you're stuck, pick up a gift card (and a babysitter if needed) and call it a day.

My favorites?

Sandwiches: Fiore's, Vito's Italian Deli, & Tony Baloney's

Restaurants: Antique, Hamilton Pork, The Cuban, & Otto Strada

Sweets: Stack Creamery, The Law of Donutgineering, & Baonanas


Time to decompress? I may not be into cigars, but this marble cigar holder is a piece of art. Unjumbold (on 1st St.) has Rock Dispensers, Whiskey glasses, grooming items, and more. They also carry pet accessories for man's best friend.

Is your favorite father a wine connoisseur, or really into the newest craft beers? Cool Vines (locations in both Hoboken & JC) have a legit selection in yes, a really cool space. It's now my favorite place to buy wine, and luckily they have a good selection of other spirits, sake, and beer as well.

If he feels like giving it a try himself, Kanibal & Co. in Jersey City sells Beer

Making Kits from Brooklyn Brew Shop.


Buying the father of my children clothes is basically a gift to myself, and I'm sure many people feel the same way. Check out Oran for some great post-pandemic attire and mitigate the "you can't wear that out" argument every time you're about to leave the house.

Does Dad need new sunglasses or flip-flops? I'll answer that for you. 99% of the time, it's a yes. Dune + Salt carry tons of beautiful, quality mens apparel, but also carry essentials like flip flops (with arch support) and sunglasses that can hopefully replace the drugstore ones from four years ago.

Anyone else's husband have a wardrobe that's 97% t-shirts? From before the year 2000? Well if you're feeling nostalgic and want something both old and new at the same time, check out Vintage on First. They have a great selection of shirts, jackets, hats, & more.

Have a sneakerhead at home? His permanent shop may not be open yet (the grand opening is June 26th) but Elite Kickz, which is the sneaker haven from 14 year old Joseph “JoJo” Petruzzelli has you covered. Go to their Instagram to see some rare kicks and splurge on a pair for dad! @elitekickzhoboken


Maybe dad's an intellectual, maybe he enjoys a good war novel once in a while, or maybe he deserves to do 100 science experiments with his offspring. I also consider this a gift for yourself, as you can enjoy some alone time while dad bonds with the kids over chain reactions. Find this cute book at Washington General in Hoboken.

And if you prefer to get that war novel or a biography from his favorite athlete, head to a local bookstore like Word Bookstore in Jersey City or Little City Books here in Hoboken.

If you have a dad who still collects records and constantly announces, "now this was real music" when he plays his tunes, consider a framed album cover from Iris Records in Jersey City. They have tons of vinyl, CD's, fun merch, AND allow you to sell stuff if dad is ready to let go of some old records.


Dude stealing your skincare? Between fatherhood, maskne, & years of using 2-in-1 Shampoo for every skincare concern, Dad may need some of his own quality products. Pholk Beauty is based right here in JC and has a great bundle for men. You get an Aloe + Lemon Balm Face Mist (helps with ingrown hairs), Aftershave/beard oil, & Werkacita Balm (a cooling mixture of eucalyptus, mint, + lavender essential oils wrapped in butters to hydrate everything!) Check out their site for more.

For the grillmaster who needs a new spatula every season, this is a 5-in-1 that includes a bottle opener. Dads these days....

Need a quick card, mug, or other last-minute gift for dad? The Little Hoboken brick + mortar shop has tons of Father's Day themed gifts like books and socks for fathers-to-be, cocktail recipe glassware, keychains, a sneaker cleaning kit (umm, perfection) and plenty more.

You may not have time to order something custom-made, or plan out an elaborate weekend getaway, but never underestimate the power of a homemade card, a good meal, and concert tickets. Happy shopping everyone!

Happy Father's Day to all of the amazing men out there!