These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things...

'Tis the season to be giving (and trying really hard not to keep one for yourself!)

Naturally, many of our favorite things come from our store since it's so carefully curated with everything we love so much, but there are SO many goodies all around town for everyone on your list!


Little Hoboken is not just a children's store! We have so many gifts for all occasions.

Melissa: I LOVE our ah*dorned bags. They are lightweight, sturdy, roomy, trendy, and most come with an extra bag inside...PLUS, the price point is so good! You can use it for a new mom who wants a trendy looking diaper bag, anyone hauling a work tote with a laptop around, or someone who loves a big tote for weekend getaways and tossing their kid's stuff in! I am also OBSESSED with our snarky and hilarious greeting cards with Housewives, Mean Girls, and Schitt's Creek themes.

If you're looking outside of our store, you can't go wrong with a gift certificate to Up and Out. Everyone loves a great blowout, but they also do cuts, color, keratin, styling, and makeup. Plus, their product lines are the best!

Cassie: Our Hoboken map products are so fun and such a good gift. I have the Hoboken pillow in my home and can't wait to get my hands on an oven mitt or wine tote. And I really love the adult coloring book. I cannot even look at the RHONY one without giggling.

Other things for mom could be a nice case of wine (hello Cork!), something silky and comfortable from Galatea or something shiny from Noellery.


Melissa: Does anyone else have the hardest time shopping for the men in their lives? I'm a huge fan of the Hoboken Map cufflinks. At just $40, they are custom vintage Hoboken maps and silver-plated and the perfect gift for any local (or used to be local) man on your list.

I also love sending the gift of food to my loved ones that I can't be with this holiday season. My dad will definitely be getting some yummy gifts from us (and Tony Boloney's) courtesy of Goldbelly. Let's be honest, I'll likely toss in some O'Bagel while I'm on there too!

Cassie: We have been spending as much time as possible out in our building's courtyard while the weather is decent. So we bring down our coffee in the morning and cocktails in the.....late morning (kidding kidding...). My hubs is definitely getting a travel hot/cold mug although I cannot decide between the "trophy husband" or the "do you have anything to say before football season starts" mugs. Only one is true, but I won't say which one, haha!

A great local spot for him is TUNES on Washington. There is so much nostalgia in there with old records and fun finds. You can definitely find a great gift!

We'd be remiss to not mention The Hoboken Man. Not only is it a luxury men's experience for services and products that you can get a great gift card for any man in your life, but owner, Emily Gonce, is the angel behind the replies your kids are all getting from Santa!


Melissa: I absolutely love our adorable winter pom pom beanies. We have them in various neutral colors and they are the softest hats ever! Plus, they are so cute, I wish I could get one on my six year old! For mom, one of our You're Doing Amazing, Sweetie candles in collaboration with Little Batch Candle Co is always a great message, smells incredible, and is only $20!

And while I'm at it, if you need something cute for a baby girl, check out the handmade newborn headbands from Little Ladies Bows. Every bow and headband is made by a college freshman who is an HHS graduate and one of Hoboken's most beloved babysitters!

Cassie: I love the teether sets and loveys from Lucy Darling. They are so cute and unique. I also love the idea of giving a gift to the new mom so will also jump in here with a candle or aromatherapy shower bomb- its like a mini spa!

This year is all about the tie-dye, so I also love the idea of a custom onesie or sweatshirt from Shop Nikki. She makes the cutest stuff and it is such great quality! I've snagged a few pieces for myself and will definitely be gifting some as well.


Melissa: I am the biggest fan of the Plus Plus tubes. I was introduced to them by my Assistant Buyer, Kane (my six year old) who was pretty loyal to LEGO sets only before these. They are $8, come with instructions, store in a small space-saving tube and provide a nice, long activity for your kids. They are also great to take to the table if you are dining out!

Sugarsuckle decorated sugar cookies are our favorite in this house! If allowed, it's all my child would eat for each meal and make a perfect stocking stuffer!

Cassie: OMG the accessories we have are so much fun. The bracelets and hair pieces are so cute, perfectly small enough and will definitely be a big hit. We also have superhero rings, dinosaur & jungle animal rings for those that like less frilly options.

Gift Cards also make a great stocking stuffer, so a kids play space like Little Play Co is a great option to grab a gc and pop in a stocking!


Melissa: This is really hard for me to pick just one. I work really hard to ensure we have unique items and then fall in love with each and every one of them. Right now, I'm so into our Picasso Tiles fort building sets. We got one during quarantine and once a blanket or sheet gets tossed on top of that, Kane stays inside with at least one dog and a tablet forever! I also love Door Pong. It's a space-saving game since it hangs from your door frame. The ball is attached, so no chasing it, barking dogs, or crawling under couches. AND, it was invented by a 10 year old boy who wanted to play ping pong with his 12 year old Autistic sister who was unable to play conventional table tennis.

We found the best giant family puzzles at Word Bookstore in Jersey City this year like the LEGO minifigure head collage that is sure to make all of us go insane, but my kid will love it!

Cassie: We have something for each age, so it's so hard to narrow it down. For the younger ones, the pattern stackers are fun and educational so we can feel good about that! There are great options for preschool aged kids like the "My First Jewelry Making Kit" or the Magnetic tiles. The trucks by Picasso Tiles that you can take apart and then build again are really cool. For the older kids we have great building sets so they can create & paint a candy machine or a working microscope and slides set. So many options!

I'm going to throw another gift certificate idea in here too! Play! Hoboken is a hidden gem in town with a golf simulator, billiards, video games and table tennis. Its BYO and gift certificate to this place is perfect for any kid or adult. Maybe I should have mentioned this one "for him" too!!


Melissa: I just love our Hoboken skyline tea towels. I think they are something everyone could use in their home because, really, have you even stopped washing dishes since March??? They are big and the design is classic and modern.

Hudson and Asher have always had my most favorite HBKN and Jersey City tees and onesies. We get asked about our "The Heights" one with the famous 100 Steps on it every time he wears it out.

Cassie: Our pillow! I love it so much but I already mentioned it....SO I'm going to also mention the skyline print. It looks so good once framed and we have it in both Hoboken & Jersey City.

There are also some local artists that create some beautiful pieces that showcase our Local Love. Roig, Hometown Hello, and Shannon Harfosh are a few of my favorites. I have some of their work in my own home and have gifted them as well. Each live locally so are great neighbors to support!