The Perfect Red Lip for Your Skintone

One of Spring’s hottest makeup trends aligns perfectly with Valentine’s Day this year – bold red lips.

To me, nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like a red lip.

Whether you’re going out with girlfriends, have a hot date your significant other, have a date with your family, or plan to stay home, something as simple as elevating your everyday makeup routine with a pop of color can really set the mood and get you into the spirit of this Hallmark holiday.

I know a red lip can feel bold and a bit intimidating, but if it’s done right, it can be timeless and show-stopping. With that, I’m here to share a few key guidelines on how to find the perfect red hue for your skin tone.

First, it helps tremendously to know your skin’s undertone. Are you warm, cool, or neutral? Not sure? Here are a few fail safe tips that can help you determine your undertone.


Those with cool undertones tend to be fair and have a pink, red, or bluish hue to their skin.


· Are the veins on your wrist blue/purple?

· Does silver jewelry compliment your skin?

· Do you sunburn easily?

If so, then you’re likely cool toned. The best lipsticks for cool undertones have blue- or purple-shaded undertones. So, when choosing a red lip, veer more toward blue-based reds and steer away from orangey shades.


Those with warm undertones have a yellow, golden or olive hue to their skin.


· Are the veins on your wrist green?

· Does gold jewelry compliment your skin?

· Do you tan fairly easily?

If you answer yes to the above, you are warm toned. The best lipsticks for warm undertones are lip colors in warm shades like red or orange.


If you’re not sure, there’s a chance you’re neutral (a mixture of both). You may have blue/purple & green veins. And if you can rock both silver and gold jewelry, you’re likely neutral toned. Those with a neutral skin tone can play with a wide spectrum of colors that will complement their skin. With a neutral skin tone, you can do both blue based and warm reds.

But at the end of the day, rock whatever shade of red you feel your best in!

Hope you find this helpful. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you have a lovely day spending time with loved ones.