The Door Guardian

Now that my son is three, he is able to navigate our apartment building independently. We obviously do not let him, but that does not mean that he doesn't want to just walk right out the front door, ride the elevator to the lobby, greet the doorman, and then wander off onto the shared patio to mingle with some neighbors. The thought of him doing this is terrifying, and led us to immediately put childproof locks on the front door. The Door Guardian was our door lock of choice. They have both outswinging and inswinging options, and are super easy to install with their 3M VHB Tape. As renters, the 3M installation was important to us, as our management company will charge you considerable fines for any childproof lock damage left behind. The Door Guardian leaves no messy residue and comes in a variety of colors and finishes so the overall aesthetic of your home doesn't have to suffer either. If you want additional security and hold, you could install it with the extra screws that they provide. There is also an optional safety insert and key, which prevents older children from opening the lock without the key.

The Door Guardian is an effective tool in providing quick and easy childproofing solutions. It has also been used to provide additional safety measures to parents of special needs children and guardians of adults with Alzheimer’s who may wander.

If you are currently looking into childproofing options, we couldn't recommend The Door Guardian more! They also sell refrigerator locks, safety locks, the Patio Door Guardian, and the Guardian Refrigerator Lock.