Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

I have suffered with insomnia my entire life. I was born with it. For real.

My first nap I ever took for my mother was when I was five years old. I never even napped as an infant. Woke up and stayed up until bedtime.

I had a few years of high school and college where I, like most teens, slept like the dead, but it was likely from partying too hard.

Before I was a mom, my mom friends used to say, it's going to be so easy for you when your baby comes because you never sleep anyway. I am up all night and wake up super early. A "good night's sleep" is 4-5 straight hours for me.

I've tried everything. CBD in any form...oil, smoking it, capsules, creams, face serums, name it! I've tried sleep sprays on my pillow, essential oils on my body, smoking pot, eating THC edibles, drinking too much alcohol, OTC sleeping pills, melatonin, get the point! I never wanted to be reliant on something hardcore like Ambien, so I just surrendered to the fact that I just don't get to sleep like my husband and that's that.

Then, I was recently trolling my fave celebs on Instagram and saw an affiliate sponsored post from J. Lo swearing by these vitamins she takes. I mean, who doesn't want to look like J. Lo, so why not try it? I swiped up. You're welcome, J. Lo, for that affiliate cash!

Once my Goli vitamins arrived, I crossed my fingers and tossed back the recommended four a day gummies of the Ashwagandha (two in the morning and two in the evening) and it wasn't too long before I was seeing a difference and, you guys, I SLEPT THAT NIGHT! And, every night since, I'm actually getting decent sleep. It's not incredible, but better than I'm used to. Plus, they taste good! And, the Ashwagandha is good for so much more than sleep. It's calming and helps with stress, it supports muscle strength, helps with supporting a healthy body weight (hello, perk!), endurance, memory (mom brain, anyone?), concentration, and your sex drive. I've already ordered my second bottle and added their ACV gummies (also J. Lo recommended) to the mix. For anyone who doesn't know about ACV, you want to add that to your diet anyway to help with metabolic energy, immune function, a healthy heart, and it has antioxidant support. Plus, these gummies taste way better than drinking shots of ACV!

I felt so strongly about these vitamins that I reached out to THEM to promote them. They have not paid us to do so. These are my experiences and they were too good not to share. I even scored you guys 10% off with our link!

And...all of their vitamins are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, plant-based, and the ACV and Superfruits are both gelatin-free.

I haven't yet tried their Superfruits option, but definitely will now. These bad boys are your beauty gummies. Collagen, youthful skin, radiance, and supports your immune system.

Here are the links to score yours today and be sure to tell me if you loved them as much as me!




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