Summer Beach Essentials

I mentally prepared myself for the many challenges that would present themselves after becoming a parent. A gassy baby, teething, and terrible twos were all expected, albeit not welcomed. But one thing I was not prepared for is the madness of taking small kids and all of their crap to the beach. I think we’ve all declined an invite to the beach on occasion because we know sometimes schlepping our children and all of the gear is more effort than it’s worth. However, sometimes a trip to the beach can be exactly what our families need to enjoy each other. Sometimes the joy of watching our kids play in the sand and giggle as they jump over waves allows us to realize how worth the schlepping was. I’ve compiled a list of the best beach gear I promise will make those beach trips less stressful and more memorable.

The Fisher Price On-the-Go Baby Dome is perfect for your little one to chill in, play, and nap at the beach. The canopy provides great protection from bugs and sun. The Dome itself folds up easily and has handles, making it totally totable for the beach!

With 50 SPF, this Iplay rashguard should be a staple in every kid’s summer wardrobe. The variety of solid colors is perfect for mixing and matching with any suit.

These stylish suits for boys are an amazon steal! At this price point you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the wonderful quality and delighted by the adorable prints. With over 40 patterns, watch your amazon cart start overflowing with all of your favorites!

Clearly a fan of Iplay over here, but the Iplay hat is another winner. The large brim and extra neck coverage will keep your little ones super protected from those harmful rays. It comes in 10 colors and is adjustable to give the perfect fit.

Mayoral is one of my favorite brands because of their fun designs. This swimsuit comes in two adorable prints for girls. And both the floral and mermaid prints have a sweet bow detail on the back! Free shipping from Neiman Marcus!

Don’t forget to lather yourself up before torturing the kids! Better yet, use the Supergoop body spray version of my go-to face sunscreen. You’ll spend plenty of time applying cream on the kids, so make the process easier for yourself. And always score free samples with every Blue Mercury purchase!

Aveeno products are reliable and effective. This sunscreen is pediatrician recommended and great for sensitive skin! I personally love how this one rubs in and doesn’t leave a pasty white residue.

Another great sunscreen option is Thinkbaby! This mineral based sunscreen is free of harmful chemicals, dermatologist recommended, and smells good!

I have a feeling these adorable sand toys will be a huge winner with your imaginative little one. We've all pretended to eat sand when our kid hands us a shovel full. Why not pretend to eat your kiddo’s creations out of adorable beach bakeware? Might be a little more satisfying to pair with your non-pretend margarita?

And how cute is this ice cream set?! Free shipping from Melissa and Doug on orders $49+!

The Play and Go: Storage Tote comes in two designs made for the beach! It doubles as a storage bag for sand toys and play mat. The Sea and Stripe options include a drain hole to get rid of the sand after play!

You may think your kid doesn’t need a chair on the beach. I mean, what kind of a high maintenance child did you raise?! Now, tell me you haven’t gone to dip your toe in the ocean, returned to the area you so meticulously spent 20 minutes setting up, only to find a little heinie plopped in your seat? That’s what I thought. I bet your kid will love to have their own seat, especially one that’s as colorful as this butterfly chair!

Both the butterfly and octopus chair have a cup holder, easily fold up, and come with a carrying bag.

We know our kids (and in my case, husband) will take half of the beach home with them. This awesome beach powder magically removes sand from the skin so now you can eliminate vacuuming from the to do list after returning home from the beach!

This Scout bag is extremely large and extremely lightweight. Two extremely important features when looking to carry as much as humanly possibly onto the beach. I couldn’t be more passionate about this beach bag and don’t think I’ll ever seek another brand. It is so durable and fits more than you could ever imagine.

Don’t want to lug a huge heavy cooler to the beach? Pack your drinks and sandwiches in this portable beach cooler, and throw the rest of your snacks into the Scout bag!