Self-Care Tips While Self-Isolating

This is crazy! It's scary! For anyone who doesn't even normally have anxiety, it's still a cause for so much stress and anxiety! We are all doing our best. Some of us use humor so we don't end up curling up in a ball rocking in a corner (um, raising my hand!), but it doesn't mean we don't understand the gravity of it all. No one WANTS to be mad at their spouse simply for flossing their teeth or having a conference call on speaker. No one WANTS to yell at their kids more than they should or normally would. But, it's hard. The kids are confused, we are confused, and our lifelines are social media, technology, and FaceTime. As someone who does suffer from anxiety regularly, I decided to create a lst with some helpful ways we can all decompress just a little during all of this.

Enjoy a quiet (and hot) cup of coffee or tea. I have been getting up early on purpose to sit quietly and enjoy my morning coffee in silence. Order some great beans or k-cups online, check one of your local coffee shops to see if they are delivering teas and fresh ground coffees to have at home, or get an actual cup of your favorite morning beverage delivered. Remember to make sure it's contact-free delivery!

Try CBD! This works for anxiety, sleeplessness, sore backs from being uncomfortable on your folding chair home office seat, and a host of other things. We recommend online shopping local for high quality CBD products like The Green Room or Strictly CBD.

Have a glass of wine. It's ok and no one should feel judged for needing to take the edge off with some wine or a cocktail. Most local liquor stores are still taking orders for delivery and many restaurants are also offering delivered wine and beer. Other places like Cork, have created their own app for delivery! Get it here.

Fit in a workout. Again, I try to get up early and jump on the Peloton or stream a workout from a local studio. See here for a list. However, life doesn't always go your way, so if you have a kid that naps, are taking a lunch break from WFH, can tap out with a spouse and pop a movie on for the kids, or even stay up a little later to get one in. I highly recommend it for your own peace of mind. Another fun thing to do is have "gym class" and do a workout with your kid! My son loves a HIIT or Yoga class alongside me!

A long shower where you can actually shave your legs or do a hair mask. You have the extra time now! I did a great 10 minute hair mask the other day. My hair may turn gray during this, but it's so soft and smooth! (PS, I totally dyed my own roots at home and didn't even ruin them...thanks, Amazon Prime!)

Take a long bath. Steal your kid's bubble bath. Light a candle. Bring a glass of wine (or whiskey!). Use a bathbomb. Again, we can steal these from our kids. We also love these. And if you want to really relax, try a CBD bath bomb from one of the above local shops online. Read a book. Ask Alexa to play your favorite music. Whatever! Just unwind. Lock the door though...we all know what happens when we don't!

Do a mask! We now have plenty of time for skincare routines! Plus with all the extra washing, sanitizing, and harsh chemicals, we could all really use it anyway. Sheet masks like these are great and also we love a good clay mask such as this one. Check with your local medspas and salons and ask who is shipping skincare that you can order online or via Instagram! We are also huge fans of this nighttime glycolic peel treatment. Again, no one will see you if you get a little red in the process!

Whiten those teeth. I've been sitting on a teeth whitening system from Mod Mouth (shop local!) that I can never "make time for". If you can't get your hands on one of them, try this one.

Meditate. If you are a Peloton user (or just got the free app recently), there are great meditations you can do. There are also a ton of apps out there for just this reason. To support local, check our online fitness list as many yoga studios offer meditation as well.

Read a book. Join us for Book Club! We are meeting via Zoom on 4/22 at 8:00 PM. Our current selection is American Dirt. You can check with Little City Books or Word and see if they have a copy they can ship or delivery to you. You can also grab a copy here. If you like audiobooks, use apps like Libby and Booksy to check out a copy from your local library or get one from Audible. We also just learned about this app which buys the audiobooks directly from Little City Books!

Binge watch a show. And it can be total crap! Watch the whole season of The Bachelor, but as a die-hard fan of the show, I'll tell you, this season sucked! Watch every Bravo show there is. Laugh at the Rose family on Schitt's Creek. It doesn't matter. Just allow yourself the TV time you don't always have!

Spend quality time with your family, spouse, child, roommate, or a friend on Skype if you live alone. Play a boardgame, have a dance party, or cook a meal together! Just use the quality time to connect.

Have more tips? Email us at and share!