PlayMonster: Keeping Our Kids Happy!

We were able to attend Toy Fair again this year just before the world imploded. We found SO many things we couldn't wait to share with you, things to bring into our store, and things we couldn't wait to add to our "must have" lists for birthdays and holidays. Then, we got stuck indoors and constantly needed ideas to keep these kids happy, busy, and mentally stimulated.

Enter PlayMonster.

We decided to share just a few of our favorite things from their VAST catalog of things we love.

from Melissa

First up, Face Paintoos. If you follow me on my personal Instagram, you know that my son makes me paint his face all the time and requests things well beyond my skill level. This solves everyone's problems. First of all, they go on like a temporary tattoo....a little water, a little pressure and peel and you are all set! No artistic ability needed and very limited patience from your kid. They come off super easy with included removal wipes and a wet paper towel or washcloth. They also stay on until you remove them, so no worrying about face paint on your wall, couch, or your arm. They can even sleep in them! We got the "wild pack" with jungle animals, but they have princess and unicorn themes, pet themes, even Paw Patrol! Snag yours here.


from Cassie

Next up is one of our favorites, My Fairy Garden!

My daughter is OBSESSED with everything fairy and princesses, and she couldn't wait to create this garden. We headed out to stay with family for a while, and it was an extra special treat for her to be able to to do this with her big cousin.

The garden comes with everything you need, including the seeds, soil and, of course, a flying fairy princess!

So far, we have woken up every morning to check on our little fairy and see if we have anything sprouting. It's become a fun thing to look forward to and for the girls to take care of all on their own. Get one here.


Our final favorite is the Stacktopus game. This thing is fun whether you are playing the actual game, or just having fun with the pieces. My little guy (1.5 years) has loved playing & stacking the cups, while the older guys (5, 8, & 10) have loved sitting around the table playing the game itself. The laughter is LOUD and its so much fun to watch them.

The object of the game is to see if you can create the pattern of cups shown on the card you draw....BUT, you have to use the tentacle fingers to do it! The kids love the game and maybe some adults did too 😉 (you know, after a few adult beverages!)

Score one here.