My Gym Hoboken is Full STEAM Ahead

My Gym Hoboken has been on fire lately with all of their new offerings in response to COVID-19, as well as the new cautious ways we now all go about living our lives. Their newest program for the fall school season is STEAM Learn and Play. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineerings, Arts, and Math - and this program marries the best of My Gym's games, relays, and physical fun with STEAM project based learning.

This drop-off (3 hour program) was created for ages 4 through 10, and is a fun experiential supplement to your child's education. In standard My Gym fashion, no two classes will be the same, and themes will change weekly. One week your child may be exploring outer space, while the next week they are under the sea, or learning about Jurassic times. The options are endless and tons of fun.

As My Gym strictly adheres to all CDC and Health Department protocols and best practices, space is extremely limited. If you and a few friends already have a pod with a maximum of 5 children, My Gym is willing to accommodate you as well. For more information or to sign up, email them today at or call them at 201-758-8390.

This epidemic has taken so much from us and from our local businesses, that it is so refreshing to see a business like My Gym Hoboken, fight back in such an innovative way. With our children's mental and physical well beings in mind, they continue to bring us safe activities that not only enrich our children, but give them a sense of normalcy in a seemingly never-ending world of chaos.