Mom Boss of the Month: Sarah Quevedo of Fit Foundry

It's year, new you and all that. So, what better mom boss to feature than the owner of a gym all about getting you on track?! Learn all about Fit Foundry and be sure to follow them on Instagram too!

As a gym owner & trainer, inevitably so much of your life is about body and eating habits. You are also mom to two young daughters, so what is your conversation with them like about food & body image?

Actually, most of my life isn’t body and eating It’s definitely a byproduct, but not the primary goal But when we do talk about it, I talk about it in general terms. I say it’s ok to have less nutritious food as long as you have nutritious food too. I also try to model the behavior I’m requesting of them. If they ask me for cookies or chips and I say “no”, have fruit, I’m gonna have it too. I’m not gonna eat cookies or chips in front of them. In terms of body image, they are still young so we haven’t had to deal with that convo much, but when they getting dressed, I always make sure they feel good in whatever they chose to wear. Especially with my 6 year old daughter. It’s important she feels in control of how she looks because that translates to how she feels.

When you guys do actually get a free night, where are your favorite local date night spots?

We love Sorrellina. That’s our go to date night spot. We’ve never brought the kids there and prob never will!

You guys went big when you opened Fit Foundry: big space, big plans, big dreams, big goals. When you look back on that decision, what do you think was the biggest lesson?

Biggest lesson was money! Everything costs more than you think and you plan for. When we were in build-out mode, we definitely underestimated how much it was really gonna cost to get Fit Foundry up and running. When you see those numbers in black and white, it can be terrifying!! But, luckily, we got through it...

What is your favorite thing about raising a family in Hoboken?

My favorite thing about raising a family in Hoboken is the genuine kindness and friendliness of our community to one another. You won’t know someone, but then get stuck at do not walk sign, and by the time the light changes, you’ve had a real conversation with the stranger standing next to you. Only members of this community know how special that truly is.

What is your funniest mom fail story?

I can’t think of one story specifically, but I have mom fails pretty much everyday. Some are bigger than others. But what’s started to happen is my 6 year old has started to keep me in check and call me out on my mom fails. That’s been pretty interesting lately. But what’s also cool, is she gets it and we can laugh about it together, like tonight when I spilled the entire pan of freshly cooked dinner on the floor #momfail

You work with your husband. Every day. All day. Do you still like him? #kidding. #sortof. But really, what is it live to live and work together? Do you try to keep work and home issues separate and what is your best advice for a couple looking to open a business together?

Well hmmm... today was a good working day... I like him today... check in with me tomorrow...

In all seriousness, it’s hard. We try to keep it separate, but most of the time it doesn’t work. Work somehow seeps into our conversation. We do try not to talk work in front of the kids though. That’s a big factor. 9 out of 10 times when we are having a work convo, we don’t agree. We are sooooo different and approach Fit Foundry through different eyes. We fight hard and a lot, but it has made our relationship stronger in the end. We are the only two people who understand our situation, so we have to be there for one another. When we disagree, we hash it out...sometimes in an hour, sometimes over days, but it gets worked out eventually. It’s definitely a gamut of emotions at times.

My best advice to any couple starting a biz together is just to know it’s gonna be hard and you will argue. Expect it and don’t be naive. Also, know that if you have kids, in the beginning, one person will give all to the business and the other will have to give all to the family. You are kind of living separate lives. It just has to be that way to make it work. It also helps to a supportive staff working with you. Dave and I are very lucky to have that. Our Fit Foundry staff is a family and we bounce a lot of ideas and issues off of one another. Sometimes if Dave and I don’t see eye to eye, our coaches can mediate between us which enables us both to understand the other a bit more.

What is the best business advice you ever received? How about the worst?

The best business advice I’ve gotten came from my awesome friend who’s been an incredible sounding board for me and Fit Foundry. She told me to figure out what role I ultimately want to take within the business and work backwards from there to make it a reality. Awesome advice and I’m still working on it, but the cool thing is the picture gets a little clearer each day.

The worst... I’m lucky...I don’t think I’ve gotten bad advice yet!

What do you hope your girls learn from seeing their mom balance being a business owner and a wife and mother?

I just hope they learn that sometimes it’s hard and a lot and though I may yell and get frustrated at times, I always put them matter what. And, I hope one day they will understand we did it all for them.