Mom Boss of the Month: Amber Hirsch

You know who she is. She's the redhead with the sick body that we've all had our asses kicked by in some class over the years. Fun fact, she was Melissa's go-to instructor to get ready for her wedding in 2012! But, she's also a super smart entrepreneur and mom who recently launched her own business and you can check out her classes in her NEW studio located at 1422 Grand Street, Ste. 4A! Learn more and be sure to check out a MESS Method class. And also, give Amber a follow on Instagram here.

MESS Method- what does this mean and more importantly, what does going out on your own mean to you?

The idea for MESS Method {Move.Evolve.Shake.Sculpt} was simple: I wanted to use my background in functional training and dance to create a workout experience that was elevated and inspired. It was important to me that this workout spoke to all levels of fitness enthusiasts. MESS is truly for everyone. It's designed to build strength and to help you "fill your cup". Which brings me to why I called it MESS. Besides it being an acronym for the elements within the program design, it's my way of say a few things in regards to fitness. Fitness is not about perfection, but rather progression. That life is messy, but beautiful. So, in class we go on a journey. We move together, we sweat together, we laugh together, we hate Burpees together...but, we're in it together and it's amazing. Going out on on my own, enabled me to see this vision through. I look forward to expanding this vision to new class offerings and bringing the entire, full MESS Method experience to the Hoboken community soon!

What is the best business advice anyone ever gave you? How about the worst?

The best business advice anyone ever gave me was to surround myself with people that inspire me. I've most certainly done that. The worst business advice dates all the way back to when I was trying to dance professionally. I would have people comment to me that I should "look for a real job". Those comments would continue to come my way throughout my career in the fitness industry as well. I'm wired to follow my passions. It's been years of testing my endurance, willpower, focus, and my straight up ability to hustle...but I always had this feeling that I was on the right path.

You are one of those insanely fit, always moving, always working out, wish we had your body kind of people. You also are married to a PASTRY CHEF! What do you want others (like us) who look at you and wish we had it, to know about you?

First, thank you very much, BUT let me be clear that I don't consider myself to be one of those people, haha! Here's the thing, a lot changed for me when I really started to think of fitness and diet (I'm cringing because I loathe that word) in terms of a lifestyle. I've framed how I think about wellness as "how does my body want to move" and "what food makes me feel good when I eat it" as opposed to "I have to workout" and "How many calories is that?". And, YES, don't think the irony is lost on me that my husband is a pastry chef! And a really, really good one at that. You have to try his chocolate pecan pie. That said, he also prioritizes eating fresh, organic whole foods and spends a significant amount of time cooking us the absolute best homemade meals. He even bakes our bread and makes our granola. I'm the first to admit that I'm spoiled having him as our "in home chef". So, I guess what I want you to know is that I personally believe in indulging, but trying to eat clean most of the time and that working out is most sustainable if you find a workout you love to do.

As a mom of a 3rd grader living in JC Heights, but working and sending Luca to school in Hoboken- you have a unique perspective of the local area. What is your advice to people who are starting think about whether they should stay or go?

I've been living in JC since 2002 and working in Hoboken since 2005. Both Hoboken and Jersey City hold a huge place in my heart. I simply adore both neighborhoods and it's been especially exciting to see the Heights evolve so much over the past few years. My advice would be simply consider which choice would make your life easier and happier. Which location would provide a more suitable foundation for what you and your family truly need and want. Do you want more space? Do you want an shorter commute.? Are you looking to downsize? At the end of the day, where can you live that would align more with the life that you really want?

To piggyback on that, what is your favorite thing about raising a family in Jersey City?

I love our community. I love that living here allows for so many wonderful experiences for my son.

You recently went out on your own, launching MESS Method and pulling back the curtain a bit into your fitness routine and goals. What is different about how you connect with clients now? What do you want people to know about working with you?

MESS Method has allowed me to engage with my clients in a way that feels so authentic and natural. It's been a blast getting to know my clients on this deeper level. I'm forever grateful to anyone that comes to class and trusts me to lead them. I'm obsessed with putting together the absolute best program designs and pairing them with the perfect playlist. I hold myself accountable to deliver a memorable, well-balanced workout experience every time.

When you have a break, where are your favorite date night spots in our area?

I have to be honest, our best dates are probably on the couch with fresh pasta and a bottle of wine! But we do love La Isla (downtown) and the Fox and Crow...we prefer spots that are chill and low-key.

Tell us your funniest mom fail moment.

Well, I guess I could go with the most recent one. I let our son get on the iPad this weekend ...all was was cool until my bank calls me regarding potential fraudulent activity. Turns out someone went a little crazy buying TWENTY-SIX in-app purchases in less than an hour. And that someone's mother (oops) should have set the iPad up better. Gah!

A day in the life of Amber…Go!

Alarm goes off at 6:30am. It's the typical mad dash to get dressed, get my son ready for school, and out the door by 7:50am. We walk every morning from JC to Hoboken, so it's a solid 20 minute hike. I always eat breakfast! I wake up starving and that's actually the first thing I do. My mornings and afternoons are a mix of teaching classes and working with private clients. I'm back home around 12:30 to eat lunch, answer emails, and work on backend stuff. At least three days out of the week, I will schedule to take a class in town and two other days, I will do a short workout at home. My husband and I split picking up our son from school. The days I pick up, I can anticipate being at Church Square park for at least an hour. So, if you ever need to find me....there I am, ha! Pretty much from 3-8pm on most days, I'm on mom duty. I love that my schedule allows me to have the flexibility to be with Luca. After Luca goes to bed, it's usually back to work. In the evening I feel most creative. I will work on building content and putting my classes/sessions together for the next day. Around 9:30/10pm I try to start shutting down...I wish I did more reading, but these days, it usually means watching whatever Netflix show I'm currently into. I have a tendency to get a second wind at night, but I'm working on establishing better sleep patterns and aim to be in bed by 11pm. The days are full, but I wouldn't have it any other way.