Mom Boss: Jenn Shukofsky

Have you been to Pump Pilates yet? If not, you need to take a class...stat! I was sore for days (in the best way!) after checking it out! And, while we're asking questions, have you checked out their athleisure boutique, Posh by Pump? We are both obsessed! Most importantly, both are run by a local mom of three who just so happens to be a friend of ours in addition to the community. Learn more about March's Mom Boss, Jenn Shukofsky!

Why Pilates? How did you get into it and then decide it was necessary to open your own space? What would you say makes Pump unique?

As a life-long fitness enthusiast, I always knew I wanted to do something in fitness, but I didn't actually pursue it until after I became a stay-at-home mom. I actually tried Pilates for the first time after my second pregnancy left me with pretty significant diastasis recti (DR) as well as compressed nerves in my back. Pilates helped so much in my recovery and I was totally hooked. So, I pursued Pilates training, then became a certified personal trainer with a specialization in women's fitness. I actually just recently started working on my 200 hr YTT to become a yoga instructor because I feel like now is a good time to add some namaste into my life. I love learning and gaining as much knowledge as possible because it allows me to give my clients every advantage possible. My clients are all so different and unique and although my work is always Pilates-centric, there is so much value that can be gained from incorporating different exercise modalities. It really allows me to create a very personalized experience for my clients. I totally get that Pilates (and Pilates studios) can be super intimidating, especially if you are just beginning your fitness journey or entering a new phase in life like pregnancy, post-partum, perimenopause, etc. I created Pump to be an unassuming, safe, and inclusive space for women in our community to experience the health benefits of Pilates. Our motto is that Pilates is for everyBODY and anyBODY.

What is your favorite thing about raising a family in this area?

Oh gosh...soooo many favorite things about raising a family locally, but if I had to pick my #1 I would have to say that nothing beats the walkability and convenience of having so much of your life in one little square mile. From the amazing and diverse school options in town, to the small businesses, to the extracurricular activities for kids (and grown ups!), it is just such a great place to raise a family. And I absolutely love running into people I know every time I leave my house- especially in a pandemic!!! Those outdoor conversations on walks, and at the park, have literally kept me sane!!!

What was your inspiration for your business’s pandemic shift- Posh by Pump? Was this always in the works pre-Covid?

So Posh by Pump may literally be the most spontaneous thing I have ever done in my whole life! When I opened Pump, I created a small retail boutique in the studio with just some fun leggings, sweats, and Pump merch. The original plan for spring of 2020 was to grow the in-studio boutique and actually have dedicated shopping hours on the weekends. As the pandemic dragged on and I had all this merchandise just sitting in the studio (and going out of season), I decided to create a dedicated Instagram page to showcase (and sell) our retail products and that's how Posh was born! I am thrilled to be able to share that as of March 2021 we are finally back on track and our in-studio boutique is now open every Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 6pm for shopping!!!

When you get a break from running your successful businesses and being a mom of three (and it’s not a global pandemic), where are your favorite local spots to unwind at?

Oh gosh, this is a toughie! I have so much love for so many local businesses!!! You might catch me grabbing a coffee at Bluestone or Joey No-Nuts, meeting my mom crew at the park and catching up with them while the kids play with friends, or having dinner/drinks with the hubs at Gran Vin or Il Tavolo on a rare night out without the kids. If I really get some "me" time and I want a little pampering, I might pop into Blush Tan for a treatment (highly recommend their cryo treatments), Hoboken Women's Wellness for a massage, or Studio 17cw for a facial!

What is your funniest mom fail moment?

Biggest mom fail...let's see...there are so many! I'm sure if you asked my 8 year old, she would be happy to share a few--haha! Probably the funniest is when my 3 year old locked us out of the house- I had no keys, no cell, and no snacks. My husband was at work. So, we're standing out front while I debate how I'm gonna get myself out of this one, when a group of Hoboken firefighters walk by. They were doing a training on our block apparently. Before I could stop her my 5 year old runs over, tells them we're in trouble and demands that they help us. I was so mortified, but I guess I can understand how a 5 year old might consider this a real emergency since we didn't have any snacks. Anyway, it starts to rain (obviously, why wouldn't it?), so I didn't argue with them when they insisted on removing our front window to get us back into the house. Once we were in, my 5 year old (she's a little...precocious) invited them in to see her bedroom. I can't even...

Be honest. How often do you REALLY work out?

I truly believe I have perfected the 25-minute workout. Time is something I never seem to have enough of, so I design my workouts to be shorter, more intense, and effective. I shoot for 25 minutes of cardio 3 times per week, plus at least 2 Pilates-centric workouts every week, and I try to squeeze in 1 strength-training based workout. This may sound like a lot, but remember, these are literally 25 minute workouts. It's all about leveraging your time!

How do you think being in the fitness space and being in such great shape have helped you discuss and project positive body image on your three young girls?

From a very early age, we have stressed the importance of eating well and of engaging in physical activity. We talk a lot about how foods help us grow and how eating lots of fruits and veggies help us grow and stay healthy. We also talk about how moving our bodies keeps us healthy. As far as body image, we sort of tie that into the conversation about uniqueness and inclusivity. We are all unique and different in many ways, including the way our bodies look and we should embrace that, but what is really important is how we FEEL in our own bodies and that we keep them healthy with food and movement.

A day in the life of Jenn…Go!

Wake up 6:30am. Shower/get dressed. Realize the hubby is still sleeping and frantically wake him up. Get the kids fed, dressed, and ready for school. Pack lunches. Head out the door. Drop off big kids to school, then head across town to drop "the baby" (now 3) to daycare. Head into the studio. See clients until 2:30/3pm. Begin school/daycare pick ups. Escort kids to various after-school activities. Head home and turn them over to my husband and head back to the studio if I have evening classes/clients. Home around 7pm, immediately put on my pajamas (I actually do this at like 4pm on the evenings I don't go back into the studio), do bedtime with the kids, check emails, do work stuff, catch up with the hubby, make a (usually half-hearted) attempt to straighten up the house, watch some tv or read a book, set out my clothes for the next day, bed around 10/10:30pm. Repeat.