Lux Performing Arts Shines Bright

LUX Performing Arts (formerly Singing with Molly) is a new training and performance based program for young talent specializing in Broadway, acting and film, and songwriting. Newly partnered with the Nimbus Arts Center at The Lively in Jersey City, LUX Performing Arts is conducting virtual classes starting September 14, and will be moving into Nimbus within the year.

As a performance based school, students are encouraged to learn on stage as well as off, by LUX's top performing arts educators. The students are also given the opportunity to collaborate with their instructors on their own professional projects so they can gain experience working on authentic professional works.

Aside from the top training provided at LUX, some students are also drawn to the program to help build confidence and self-esteem, while others might enroll so they can train for professional auditions or performances in NYC. There is something for everyone, as even the group classes guarantee equal lines, solo opportunities, and stage time. LUX provides a safe space for your child to express themselves, and does so by offering this non-competitive atmosphere. They do, however, offer private lessons for those students serious about taking their singing, acting, and music to the next level.

What's even better...LUX Performing Arts is now on the Little Hoboken Hook-Up! When using the last 5 digits of your barcode at checkout, you will receive 15% off your first class pack! Click here to learn more about LUX.