Local Thanksgiving Caterers

Thanksgiving is a wonderful day to sit, eat, and not cook the feast yourself. Below are some local options that will cater a delicious meal, and some even include a wine package for those awkward conversations you're bound to have ;)

Photo courtesy of Hudson Table

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Anthony David - Your standard (yet amazing) entree and side dish options, or a Thanksgiving meal for 1 option. There is also an add-on wine package!

Antique Bar - Get the pumpkin parm rice balls. You're welcome.

Amanda's - Traditional catering options with the ability to add-on select salads, soups, and desserts

Busy Bee Organics - Specializing in Vegan menus

Casey Repetti - Delicious food and charcuterie queen!

Dolce & Salato - Thanksgiving with an Italian twist! Serves 4 or 8 people.

Hoboken Catering - A trusted catering company with an extensive menu

Hudson Table - Offering delicious Meal Kits to serve 4 with add-on pies available.

Maritime Parc - Offering "The Feast" with additional add-on sides

One12 Hoboken - This new restaurant downtown has options ranging from 4-6 people to 6-10, and you can add per person as well.

The Cottage - Vegetarian Options offered as well

The Franklin - Full menu with Starters, Turkeys, Sides, and plenty of Desserts

Kosher Nosh - This one isn't exactly local, but is a great option for those who need a Kosher meal!

Grocery Stores

Acme - Plenty of traditional options

Fresh-Direct - Highly recommended on the mom boards

Kings - A wide array of options and customizable based on number of guests

Whole Foods - Tons of options ranging from "Classic Gathering" to "Unexpected Thanksgiving Menu". Vegetarian & Vegan options as well.

Wegman's - This one is a little further out, but comes recommended as well. Dinner for 6 or 12.