Little List: Virtual Birthday Parties

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Just because your child cannot see their friends IRL, doesn't mean they can't celebrate with them on their special day. Many local kids classes are now hosting virtual birthday parties. It may not be how we originally planned on celebrating, but it is a way to make every birthday boy or girl feel special during quarantine. 

Baby Bandstand

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Camp Store

Note: Camp throws free virtual birthdays everyday at 5 PM. These are not private, but you may invite as many guests to tune in as you like.

Diamond Gymnastics

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Hoboken Aardvarks

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Note: This is not a private party. On the 15th of each month all children with birthdays in that month are celebrated.

My Gym

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Rockness Music

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Songs for Seeds


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Note: Sugarsuckle does not host the live Zoom parties, but they supply the cookie decorating kits for all party attendees, as well as instructions for the children to follow while doing their own Zoom meet up independent of Sugarsuckle.

Super Soccer Stars

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