Little List: How To Donate Locally and Help

Art by: Sarah Reever-Pickerel

Everyone is wondering how they can help out locally. Well, first, stay home.

But, what do we do when we want to do more? We should all (Hoboken and Jersey City) be at our windows every day at 7:00 PM clapping, cheering, banging a pot or pan, playing an be sure to head to Hoboken Girl on Instagram to keep track of the song of the night to really show our local heroes how much they mean to us!

Now, what if you STILL want to do more?

Support local businesses. Order delivery for dinner (call or head to their direct websites before using third-party delivery services!).

Check which retailers are doing online shopping options with shipping. (LH is doing Instagram sales with one day flat rate priority shipping!)

Buy gift cards for yourself or as gifts. Many people are even adding value to the cards when you purchase them now!

There are many local businesses doing online fitness classes (see list here), offering classes for the kids (see list here), and offering DIY kits for kids (see list here).

Still want to help? Great!

Here's how to donate:

FLAG (Front Line Appreciation Group) of Hoboken and Jersey City is a group of local mothers who accept donations to provide meals to those in our community on the front line...medical professionals, police, EMS, firefighters, anyone on the front line while also putting money back into the local restaurants to do so. They accept donations via Venmo and Paypal and offer auction items on their Facebook and Instagram pages with proceeds going to the fund. Join them on Facebook now and help in any way you can!

Sailor and Owner of Sw3at Sauna Studio, Alyza Brevard-Rodriguez, has organized a way to get meals and other provisions to the sailors on board the USNS Comfort while also helping out locally owned restaurants near the ship. To donate to her cause, head here.

Lynn Hazan of Chicpea JC has been raising funds food and necessities to our local hospital workers, homeless shelters, police department and to anyone who may need any help during this time. Her and her volunteer team also use local businesses to provide these provisions and have already donated thousands of dollars worth of food, PPE, and services. They share where all money is allocated on her social media and continue to need to raise funds. Every dollar counts, so donate here if you can!

Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps has a Recovery Fund. They are an all-volunteer organization which transports residents to the hospital completely free of charge. Please donate to them here to help them continue their work!

Started by the wife of a Hoboken Firefighter, Emma Smith is using funds to donate food and help financially support first responders. She has already surpassed her goal, but the bigger the better! You can support Emma's fund here.

Tony Boloney's sells DIY pizza kits on their website for delivery from both Jersey City and Hoboken locations for $20 and now make your own mozzarella kits. For every kit purchased, a local hero or homeless shelter, gets an XL pizza donated!

Did we miss one? Let us know! Email