LH Spotlight: Mindful Power

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Mollie Busino & Lesley Neadel, Photo by Little Hoboken Photography

I've been open and candid about my own experience with Post-Partum Anxiety (PPA) after my second child and I can honestly say that my ability to recognize and seek help for this was directly due to the two women I'm about to introduce you to.

Years ago when LH first started, Lesley Neadel was a Hoboken mom of two with a personal experience with Postpartum Depression (PPD). Her story was powerful and she carried out her mission to help other women. Luckily for us, this mission included writing and sharing her story with LH, and I was the one who got to chat with her and coordinate her post. Through our conversations, I learned that PPA was even a thing, as I had only ever heard of PPD. Lesley also mentioned a local therapist in town who had specialized in postpartum therapy, Mollie Busino of Mindful Power, LLC and unbeknownst to me, I put that information in my back pocket.

Fast forward four years and I've found myself a ball of nerves and anxiety after delivering my second child. I initially assumed I was just overwhelmed, but quickly realized that some of my behaviors were a little "extra". I was constantly worried about the baby's safety and was overly cautious about anyone or anything near him. After a few weeks of the anxiety increasing, I remembered my conversation with Lesley, and I decided to reach out to Mollie myself.

My experience with Mollie was exactly what I needed. She was open, warm, comforting, and most of all, VALIDATING. She validated my fears and my fertility-related trauma and helped me to acknowledge and work through it all. She was exactly who I needed, and even now, two years later, I find myself repeating things she has said in my mind when I feel my anxiety creeping in.

Recently, Lesley and Mollie teamed up to form a postpartum support group for other moms and it could not be a more perfect match. Lesley took all of her personal experience and drive to help other mothers and went back to school for her Master's degree and became a licensed therapist. Mollie, a seasoned therapist, has expanded her practice over the years to specialize in Perinatal Mental Health and she has extensive experience and training in working with women navigating pregnancy and the postpartum period. Combining their experience, training, and seriously kind hearts, these two are working to help moms before, during, and after - truly working to support moms and all that comes along with such a title. Mindful Power, LLC is a private practice in Hoboken with two downtown locations. They offer individual sessions as well as support group sessions (which were my personal favorite) and specialty workshops. The practice itself has several areas of specialization including:

  • Fertility Counseling

  • EMDR for Trauma (Including Birth Trauma)

  • Grief Specialist

  • Pediatric Therapy

Single and Multi-Day Workshops available with topics such as:

  • Coping with Birth Trauma

  • Understanding the Grief Process

  • Integrative and Nutritional Tactics for Mental Health

  • Navigating the Mental Load of Motherhood

Reach out to Mindful Power, LLC via their website: or via phone (201) 839-6873.

*No matter how you decide to reach out, or who you decide to reach out to, please know that you are not alone. So many of us have gone through mental health issues related to fertility, pregnancy, birth, and just motherhood in general. The call will be worth it, I promise.