LH Spotlight: Joe Fischer Magic

A few years ago, I was at a birthday party and there was a magician there. As an event planner, I was used to various entertainers, but as a mom of a then 2.5 year old, we were used to just seeing face painters, kids music, and balloon artists. I was intrigued. But, not as much as my son was!

Joe immediately captured the attention of all the children and adults at the party of all age ranges. Magic tricks, audience participation, comedy, and prizes for his "assistants" are all things you can expect from Joe at one of his shows.

We recently were lucky enough to have Joe perform at our annual Super Bowl party this year to showcase to our guests how great he really is.

The kids loved him and the parents did too! So many of the kids got to be assistants in the act and all giggled at his silly jokes, and gasped in amazement over his magic! Parents of kids who are normally shy or nervous to stand up in front of a group revealed that they couldn't believe how their kids were so eager to participate in the show.

For the last couple of years, Joe has been a Little Hoboken Hook-Up Vendor, so you can hire him for your next birthday party or event too! Use your card and get a Free 30 Minutes of Sand Art Added to Your Party or $50 off Package #3!