LH Spotlight: Chocolate and Hearts at Choc O Pain

Whether you are looking for a meal or a snack, something savory or something sweet, or maybe just a delicious cafe au lait, Choc-O-Pain has it.

We have been passionate about Choc-O-Pain and their deliciously baked goodness since Clémence Danko opened her first location back in 2009. In addition to providing Hoboken and Jersey City with authentic French breads, baked goods, and savory options, Choc-O-Pain is dedicated to being as environmentally friendly as possible.

Every holiday there is something exciting and new to try at Choc-O-Pain. This month, we are looking forward to giving (and we hope receiving) some of their festive Valentine's Day heart shaped treats including the famous mini flourless chocolate heaven cake, mini tarts, and breads featuring the cutest flour designs.

With four different locations throughout Hoboken and Jersey City, you can guarantee you will never be too far to enjoy Choc-O-Pain's delicious coffee and treats. And as a shameless plug, they are a Little Hoboken Hook-Up vendor at ALL four locations!