I'm Begging You to Please Stay Home!

This post was sent to us by Andrea Barcia. Many of you know her as The Inner Athlete's beloved Coach Andrea. She asked us to share this with all of you and have you keep sharing it and keep yourselves and your loved ones safe by just staying home. You staying home protects the ones we love too. Our hearts are going out to her and her family right now and to all of yours as well. Stay safe, everyone!


Words cannot begin to express the pain my heart feels right now. This just all seems so unreal. I feel like I’m on some sick reality tv show and someone’s going to pop out and say “gotcha!”...but no. My dear uncle has left such an immense hole in my heart. He always used to say I was his first born, he always used to spoil me, and always had my back. He was the one who raised me, he was my father, he is my heart! God has taken him away from us way too soon. I thank God for all the memories we made and shared, from riding in his Jeep with the top off and listening to his R&B cassettes, to giving me a chocolate ice cream cone and letting it drip all the way down to my feet and handing me over to my mom all dirty, to having my first dance with him in my suite, to always making him crack a smile for the camera, being there at my wedding, going on vacation. I could go on and on, I’m so happy we have all these great memories together. I’m so blessed to have had him be such a big part and impact on my life and as my FATHER.

For my uncle:

THANK YOU for always being there for me. Not knowing why or how all of this happened hurts so much. I love you always, cranky pants. Never in a million years would I ever think I’d have to be breaking the news to your mom and your sisters. You have left us here on Earth, but will FOREVER be in our hearts. I will ALWAYS watch over your girls and I will ALWAYS be their big sister like you’ve told me time and time again. RIP jarhead! Oorah! Until we meet in heaven, Tio Joff! At this moment, the situation is twenty times more difficult because of everything going on. People! STAY HOME! I wish that at a time like this I could go run and see my uncle's body or be with my mom who is inconsolable...but, guess what!? I CAN’T! My mom has been battling with COVID-19 also and it breaks me to hear her the way she is.

Unfortunately, I can’t go be with her. I can’t go see him one last time. This is REAL people! Please. You don’t know how real it is until it hits you or someone in your family. In a time like this, I’ve never felt more desperate than I do now. I feel useless here at home sitting behind this screen. The fact that we will NEVER find out what happened to my uncle is mind boggling. Because of everything going on, the coroner's office will NOT examine his body. We will NEVER get ANY answers. So, please, let this open your eyes, I want to be with my loved ones at this moment, but I can’t, so do your part! Please! Stay home! Check in with your loved ones, call them, facetime them, send them a picture! Do not go out! Do your part, please! No one wants to go through this immense pain myself and my family are going through at the moment! One last OORAH for my marine!


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