Give the Gift of Happiness

Imagine not being able to give your child a birthday cake or not having enough money for even a small gift for them. Most of us are fortunate enough to not have to think about purchasing or making them a cake, watching their eyes light up at a bunch of balloons, and watch them tear open the paper on the gift you know they'll love.

We watch people pick up birthday balloons every day and the excitement over them from the kids in tow is contagious. We photograph so many cake smash sessions of little ones enjoying their first tastes of delicious cake and frosting. And we have the privilege of being able to provide these memories for our own children.

Many families in our own community can't do any of these things because there just isn't enough money for such luxuries.

So, we wanted to do something about that. Enter the Birthday Basket.

We have created a basket with everything you need to make the perfect cake for someone special's birthday and will be donating these to the Hoboken Community Food Pantry. Our hope is that families in need will see these baskets on the shelf and be able to feel the excitement they deserve around a birthday.

This is where you all come in- we want you to sponsor a basket so that we can donate as many as possible to the pantry. It costs you $20 per basket, and is priceless for the family who receives it. Here is what each basket includes: a mixing bowl, baking pan, whisk, measuring cup, rubber spatula, small bottle of vegetable oil, cake mix, frosting, sprinkles, candles, a birthday card, and icing to write a message on the cake.

You can add a personal message from your family or business or donate it anonymously. Additionally, you may choose to add in a balloon bouquet voucher so the family in need may come by Little Hoboken and redeem for a colorful balloon bunch for their birthday boy or girl (additional $15). Of course, we are happy to help you add in a little gift or a gift card if you'd like to take the basket to the next level!

We will assemble and deliver all to the pantry. It's that easy!

Everyone deserves to feel special on their birthday, so let's get as many of these to the members of our community as possible.

We will continue making and delivering these as long as the orders keep coming.

To order, stop by or email