Do You Read Like a Mother?

Did you know that Little Hoboken has had a monthly book club since June of 2018?

We’ve had almost the same core group of people since then, meeting up monthly, having cocktails, chatting about life, watching babies come (lots of babies), and becoming friends.

We’ve had people join us along the way and everyone always seems to fit right in.

We continued meeting during the pandemic on Zoom and when reading got to be too much for some of us, we met bi-monthly to discuss TV shows, sometimes based on books we’d read and sometimes total crap that we were loving.

Once the weather warmed up, we started meeting back up in person outdoors and haven’t skipped a beat.

On a personal note, I love it. I love the friendships I’ve made over our love for reading and watching Outer Banks in our 30’s and 40’s. I love discussing complete nonsense like Bravo and The Bachelor and serious issues like our own fears during the height of Covid and frustrations of husbands and kids stuck at home with us.

I keep seeing people looking for book recommendations and therefore I am sharing everything we’ve read in our Book Club since our start in 2018.

I also invite anyone interested in joining us each month to email me at to RSVP for the upcoming Book Club on 6/22.