Allow us to (Re)Introduce Ourselves

To all of our friends and followers (old and new),

We wanted to take a minute to reintroduce ourselves and share some thoughts.

Little Hoboken has been our labor of love for the past 4 years. One that we have poured every inch of ourselves into. One that has taken us away from our families at times yet, has brought us closer to our community. We started out as a “mom blog” looking to share products, expert advice, and all things Mommy. But LH quickly grew into something so much bigger and we are so proud of our community and the connections that we have made along the years.

At the root of every single thing that Little Hoboken represents, there is inclusiveness, love, and acceptance. And so, we thought it was time to remind and reassure our world who we are.

We are mothers. We are two Jewish women who respect and appreciate all other religions and cultures. We honor and celebrate Pride and are proud to support all LBGTQ+ people in our community. We believe in women’s rights and are outspoken about a woman’s right to make choices for her own body. We believe in equality. We believe in and support the Black Lives Matter movement and will continue to call out racism as we see it. Little Hoboken has a zero tolerance policy for hate of any sort and are raising our children to also stand up for every one of these social issues and to be kind humans.

We are two mothers, wives, and friends. Two women that have admittedly have not always done everything right every single time. But we are committed to learning, growing, and doing better. We’ve built a team of strong, like-minded women who have the same fundamental values.

So, when you “like” a post, book a photoshoot, shop our store, or attend one of our events, you should know who you are supporting. And in turn, we promise to do our very best to hear you, to see you, and to support you.


Cassie & Melissa