5 Ways To Keep Your Child Busy Outside

It’s been a few weeks since my kid has been out of school. He’s not in camp for most of the summer. “Can you play with me?” is about to get real old (actually it is old, already). We may only have a small outdoor space in this urban town, but even if you don’t, the following “backyard items” are perfect for a little patio or keeping at the grandparents’ this summer!

Water Play

Does your baby love playing in the dog's water bowl? I know it can't just be mine. A water table is just missing that "I'm not allowed to be doing this" factor, but still popular with the little ones! Check out this water table from Amazon with a fishing theme!

Here's another version with amazing reviews, equipped with a ferris wheel and funnel!

This splash pad is guaranteed fun for your kids! Combo pool and sprinkler, this 59 inch pad is great for all ages and super affordable!

Melissa and Doug's sprinkler is not only cute but 30% off right now! The water stream is on the lower side, so ideal for a younger child and small spaces!

Gross Motor Activities

Try out this 6 piece stepping stone set! Great for coordination and stability. Also a great way to test the grown ups before driving home from your bbq!

Who doesn't love a little bean bag toss?! This version from Melissa and Doug can sit horizontally or stand tall and helps your child practice number recognition and hand-eye coordination. It folds up flat for convenient storage!

Imaginative Play

For the little one with a green thumb, the gardening tote set from Melissa and Doug is perfect for both imaginative play on your concrete patio and digging in some actual dirt.

Admit it, you kind of dread it when your kid begs you to blow bubbles with them. I spend the entire time fighting my 2 year old not to hold the bottle because I know within two seconds he will dump the whole thing and then have the audacity to throw a tantrum. Also, anyone else get lightheaded blowing bubbles? Maybe I should get that checked out, anyway, the bubble lawn mower solves a lot of those issues!


This Jumbo Fossil Dig Kit is perfect for your little one who loves making discoveries! It includes 15 100% REAL fossils! This exploration kit is ideal for an afternoon outdoors.

This Mega Gemstone Dig Kit will definitely excite your little explorer who's more into gems! It comes with a guide to learn about each gemstone as they're discovered.

Sensory Bins

Pour this Slimy Sand into a shallow plastic storage container and trust me, your kids will be occupied for quite a while. This stuff is a mix between goo and kinetic sand but is not sticky or messy!

Water Beads are not only great for fine motor skill development, but are relaxing and fun to play with. This set comes with scoops and tweezers and will be sure to keep your little ones busy.


If you have the space, your kiddos will love a picnic table just their size for snack time or arts and crafts!