3 Cute and Simple DIY Easter Crafts for Kids

We are all constantly trying to think of something to do with the kids. There's a lot of tablet, TV, and video games coming into play which is FINE, but when we need activities that have them OFFLINE, what are we going to do? Our Beauty Editor and mom to three year old twin boys, Amanda Mayr, has a few ideas for Easter with stuff you may already have in the house!


One thing I’m really enjoying during this "shelter-at-home" order is early morning craft sessions with my boys over a nice, hot cup of coffee. This week, we kicked off Easter festivities by coloring Easter eggs and creating DIY Easter crafts using my dwindling arsenal of craft supplies and random items found around the house.

I have to admit, my creativity has been flourishing during this quarantine, ha! Anyone else with me?

I’m loving these crafts as they make the cutest Easter décor, but more importantly, I’m loving the memories we’re creating and the new and meaningful traditions we’re establishing during this insane time in our lives. I hope you enjoy! Stay safe and healthy everyone and for those who celebrate – Happy Easter!


Products Used

· Small round paper plate

· Construction paper

· Markers

· Glue


Products Used

· Large paper plate

· Yellow, peach and turquoise paint

· Cut out dots (using construction paper)

· Clear flat gems

· Glue


Products Used

· small paper plate, painted yellow

· construction paper

· highlighters

· Cut out hearts and triangles for nose, wings and feet

· Glue


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