2020: The Year to Remember

Oh, 2020. You really put us through it.

This year was the year so many of declared to be "our year". The year that we would chase our dreams, reach our goals, and have the best success of our lives. And then, it all came crashing down and the world kind of just...stopped.

But, we did it anyway. We all went through it. We felt our feelings and wallowed. We let ourselves be scared and anxious. We hugged our kids and helped with homework, sometimes while hiding our tears and fears. And then, we picked ourselves up and figured out a way to live in our new normal.

For so many of us, the new normal also meant a new business plan. We needed a new way to keep our little dream alive and that meant digging deep and thinking hard. From virtual workouts to telemedicine to creating online shopping, the entrepreneurs of the world had to reinvent themselves and their businesses. For the entrepreneurs who juggled their business with parenthood, the mental load is heavy. The workload is often overwhelming. But, the light at the end of the tunnel is that much brighter.

2020 is the year that taught us just how strong we are. It is the year that taught us how quickly we can think on our feet and even think outside the box. It is the year that made us try new things and embrace change. 2020 is the year that showed us just how resilient we can be- and how resilient those children of ours can be. 2020 is the year with so many things we'd prefer not to remember, but one that we will never forget.

As we close out this wild and crazy year, we would like to say THANK YOU to this community for supporting us and helping to embrace our big changes. Our "COVID-pivot" into a retail space was somewhat unexpected, but also so much fun. The store has brought us closer as friends and stronger as business partners. It has brought so many of you into our lives as you shop the store and celebrate milestones with balloon orders. It has pushed us to scale our business once again, opening the Little Hoboken Photography studio in the Monroe Center. And, most importantly (and most powerfully), it has taught us to trust our instincts and to not be afraid to try new things.

Actually, we guess 2020 wasn't so bad after that respect.

We end 2020 with a tribute to all the #momboss business owners and friends we've made along the way. We honored a few of them on the blog this past year and we are excited to honor even more in this coming year.

Happy New Year to all!


Cassie & Melissa