Rocket Club Is At It Again!

We've been following the progression and the success of Hoboken's ROCKET CLUB and are continually blown away with what these kids are up to!

Let's refresh, shall we? Rocket Club is a STEM-focused program for kids (ages 9-14) that focuses on coding, robot building and programming, and entrepreneurial skills. It was developed and launched by a group of Forbes 30 Under 30 who are using their knowledge, experience, and "OMG-do-you-really-know-him?!" connections to get these kids the best of the best in STEM education.

The program runs in semesters, with each one progressing on the skill sets related to coding, robotics, and entrepreneurial skills. These kids are creating, building, and selling!

You can learn more about the program in our first post about them and also see the amazing businesses that these kids have been creating and managing in our last update!

Now, onto the new stuff.

Rocket Club has been busy, and we aren't just talking about the kids. While the kids have been launching new businesses and traveling around meeting famous inventors and investors, the founders have been working hard to expand the program and its offerings.

Rocket Club is opening TWO new locations in 2020 AND expanding their Hoboken classes. Montclair, NJ and Downtown NYC are both slated to open their doors to their inaugural class in February. With such expansions, the Hoboken classes have been even higher in demand, so Hoboken's location will be opening enrollment to THREE new classes.

Rendering from Rocket Club Montclair

Here's the thing, though. They have a short waiting list, who will be getting the first few spots and then, there are just a few more spaces available! So you have to run to grab one. Enrollment opens TODAY!! So, call before you even finish reading this sentence and set up your tour!

Don't forget to tell them that Little Hoboken sent you! xo

(201) 292-3565