LH SPOTLIGHT: Foot & Ankle Premier Specialists

A pedicure can make them cute, but are your feet healthy? It may be time for a visit to Hoboken's foot doctor!

Dr. Juliana Paternina is the owner of Foot and Ankle Premier Specialists. She's a local girl, who grew up in Union City and has returned to her Jersey roots with offices in Hoboken and Bloomfield along with her office in Manhattan.

Foot and Ankle Premier Specialists is an all-inclusive practice, seeing everything that has to do with the foot and ankle including dermatological, orthopedic, vascular, and neurological issues. Dr. Paternina has extensive training in reconstructive surgery, advanced training wound care, and expertise in pediatrics, sports medicine, arthroscopy, plastic surgery, dermatology, and general foot care. So, whether you have a serious problem like an injury or trauma, or even a more simple one like a blister or toenail problem, Foot and Ankle Premier Specialists is the place to go.

Dr. Paternina, along with her team, prides herself on being a friendly place. "I treat everybody as if they were my own family. I just love to provide excellent care. I want all my patients to feel like they’re cared for, that they’re not just another number—that I’m here to help them, not just with the physical part, but also with the emotional needs. The psychological part of medicine attracts me a lot, and I’m comprehensive in that aspect. I’m also very passionate about serving the underserved. I have volunteered in many mission trips throughout the world and I also love to do it here locally’

So what about the kids? How do we know if and when they need to see a podiatrist? Dr. Paternina recommends that kids be seen if they are having any difficulty or lack of interest in running. This can be a sign that something isn't quite right, so it's best to have it checked out by the experts!

Food and Ankle Premier Specialists is local and they are ready to treat your feet. You can visit their website for more information and reach out directly to book your appointment. Foot and Ankle Premier Specialists is also our newest vendor on the Little Hoboken Hook-Up Card, offering 20% off all molded orthotics (you know, those super comfy inserts for your shoes?)