Little List: Best Matching Family Pajamas

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The holidays are upon us and we don't care if it is only the beginning of November. Christmas carols, holiday shopping, twinkle lights, festive sweaters, the cool new design on the Starbucks cup, and MATCHING HOLIDAY PAJAMAS are just a few of our favorite things and we are excited! Our festive lists are going to be abundant these next couple of months so get ready and join us in the excitement. First up... best places to find matching holiday pajamas.


This is the first time I have seen adult anything at Carters so this is very exciting. They are reasonably prices and often go on sale. There is an Elf option, a Santa option and a Buffalo Plaid option.

Hanna Anderson The quality these pajamas affords you the ability to wear them year after year. They also have the most amazing patterns including ones for your four legged children as well.


If you really want to be "extra," your entire family can dress up as the cast of Frozen, Toy Story, or quite simply, a family of reindeer.

Old Navy

Old Navy offers some patterned flannel sets for the whole family. You can choose between a variety of plaids, as well as some winter and holiday scenes. Last time we checked the toddler sizes were selling out extremely quickly, so if you wanted to get your pajamas at Old Navy we suggest you hurry.

PajamaGram These are the pajamas they used to advertise on z100's Z Morning Zoo when we were in high school, and they are still relevant today, not to mention way easier to order now that we have something called the internet. You can find all their styles on Amazon and they are eligible for free shipping with Prime. Some favorites are this Holiday Lights Set (which my family--including my dog owns), the Candy Cane Fleece Set, several Snoopy Holiday Sets, and a super cute Blue Wintery Penguin Set.


These affordable and also able to be purchased on Amazon Prime. Their sets include bandana options for your pets, and pajama options for your child's doll! Our favorites are the red and green striped "Dreaming of a White Christmas" Set, and the Red and Black Buffalo Plaid Set.


I am so glad I came across this in my research because some of these patterns are so cute! And of course, they also have a pet option as well. I will definitely be checking out the Holiday Llama Set, the Holiday Red Striped Collection, the Hanukkah Collection, and the Holiday Fairisle Collection.

Am I missing your favorite holiday pajamas? Let me know by emailing me at!