Little Hoboken Health and Wellness: What the Holistic?

The word holistic gets thrown around a lot and it’s even in my title! Holistic health coach. I wanted to take a minute to explore what that means - to me, anyway.

In my nursing life, when we treat someone holistically it means we’re not just treating the symptoms, but we’re taking into account everything in the person's life. They may come in complaining about a pain that can be treated with medication short term, but really requires lifestyle changes long term. This allows for long term and preventative care.

Holistic can conjure up witch doctors and voodoo (I’m all for that by the way!), but to me, it means a mind, body, and spirit approach to living and feeling our best. So, for example, when I work with one-on-one clients, they expect me to give them a list of foods they can and can’t eat. Nah. That’s not my style. Let’s look at big picture - what’s going on off the plate?

When I started to make changes in my lifestyle, I realized that I was eating convenience food because I wasn’t giving myself a darn break - always rushing from one thing to the next and the next. So, it wasn’t that I “couldn’t” eat these things - it was that they made me feel crappy! I could eat whatever I wanted - but when I made space for proper meals, I much preferred to prep something filling and delicious at home than grab pretzels and Diet Coke from a gas station (true story).

It’s our right to feel good, and I love to find small ways to make big changes, even in the middle of the hard stuff.

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