Little List: Doulas

A doula is more than just a person who can help you manage pain during childbirth. She is there to educate and support you throughout your entire pregnancy journey. Here is a list of doulas providing care before, during, and also after childbirth.

Comforting Birthways

Billee Wolff

Birth, Placenta Services

Compassionate Postpartum Care

Caitlyn Undriener


Hoboken Doulas

Trang Onderdonk

Birth and Postpartum

Jeanette Samyn

Birth and Postpartum

Little and Loved

Jessica Parisik

Birth and Postpartum


Jayne Freeman



Meredith Coronato

Birth and Postpartum

Premier Doulas

Tracee Gonzalez

Dayna Berger

Michelle Radice

Birth and Postpartum, Placenta Services

Tapestry Birth Collective

Lisa Schillo Acevedo

Kimberly Weiss-Lewit

Thalla-Marie Choxi

Cara Birnbaum Harmon

Birth and Portpartum

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