LH Health & Wellness: What is a Health Coach Anyway?

I had no idea what a health coach was myself - until I just went for it and worked with one! Years ago, I was burnt out at work and living on coffee and meal replacement bars and feeling like crap. I hit bottom when I was knocked to my knees with an epic flu and realized I needed to change. I happened across a flier for a health coach and the rest is history.

A health coach is someone who receives a certification from a holistic nutrition education program such as Institute for Integrative Nutrition (where I graduated from in 2016!). I work with clients on a holistic view of their health. This means I take into account everything in their life - not merely wants on their plate. Half the time, that’s the least important issue!

For example - working with my health coach allowed me to realize I was eating meal replacement bars because I had a mental block about taking an actual lunch break. Instead of shoving down a bar, I made the small, but impactful change of prepping a meal for myself, turning off work for 20 minutes, and eating. Seems small, but I’m telling you, it made all the difference. We brainstormed meal ideas that would be easy for me to take on the road since as a visiting nurse, my car is my office!

A health coach provides you with a roadmap of small, but impactful changes like this that add up to big results.

You know you’re ready for a health coaching program when, like me, you know there is more and better options out there for you. And it’s easy! You aren’t committing to making Julia Childs level meals every night after all!

A one-to-one 6 month program consists of an intro session, bi-weekly 50 minute phone calls, unlimited email support, and either a grocery store tour (where I teach you how to shop smart and read labels) or a kitchen clean out (similar where we look at what you already have!).

Remember - I’m a mama on a budget like you. Not every item you buy has to be organic (in fact, I have a trick for making conventional produce as close to organic as possible!).

I hope this is insightful and if you want to learn more my inbox is always open! Email me!