LH Spotlight: Talking Meals by Carrie Tyler

Like so many of us, Carrie Tyler is a mom who found a way to marry her career before kids with life as a mom. As a former caterer and marketing expert, Carrie took the plunge into food blogging in May last year. Her site shares meal planning tips, delicious recipes, and even shopping lists & tips.  Talking Meals has become an amazing resource for moms like me, who have little mouths to feed and little time to get it all done!

Carrie has recently launched her meal delivery service (local to Hoboken only at the moment!) and I was lucky enough to try out some meals. The meals were delicious and so easy to put together. One meal, the taco casserole, came completely prepared and all I had to do was pop it in the oven. THAT is cooking I can handle! The best part (well, maybe second best part) is that Carrie still included the full recipe so I could make it again on my own.

The ingredients for the parmesan crusted chicken dish that I did have to cook, all came clearly labeled and perfectly portioned. It was such an easy prep and quickly cooked meal. Both were loved by the family- hubs & kids included- and both are dishes that I have recreated on my own. I even broke out my new air fryer for the chicken dish the second time, which I very highly recommend!

So who is Carrie? Well, she is a Hoboken mom to two girls, and a lady who believes that good, fresh, and healthy food is the center of our happiness. As she says "some of our best conversations are at the dinner table" and she's on a mission to give us more time, more nutrition and more healthy food to share with the ones with love. Carrie has a certification in Nutrition & Healthy Living from Cornell University, so this mom knows what she's talking (or cooking) about! 

Talking Meals delivery service lets you choose between 2 or 3 meals with servings for 4-8 people. You can order weekly, pause a week if you need to, and expect the delivery right to your front door. The meals are kid-friendly, completely prepped with all dicing, chopping, and marinating done by Carrie herself. AND most meals are ready to serve in 20 minutes or less. 

Time to try this out, mamas! Carrie is offering LH readers 20% off their first week just by mentioning Little Hoboken. Email now

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