LH Spotlight: Black Rail Coffee

Every town has that one spot where the employees know everyone by name, where you always run into someone you know, and where you get called out with a "where have you been?!" if you stay away too long.

Black Rail Coffee is most definitely one of those places in Hoboken. With their delicious seasonal menu, fresh salads, filling sandwiches, and pastries from our local favorites like Baking Mama & Om Sweet Home, Black Rail Coffee is always an easy choice. A recent change in ownership and management has shifted things a bit, but new owner, Jin, and barista-turned-manager, Brandon, are keeping things as consistent, reliable, and satisfying as ever.

This year, they are getting involved with one local mom's crusade to raise as much money for cancer research as possible. For the month of September, which is also Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, Black Rail is donating a portion of their “special of the month” proceeds to Tomorrows Children's Fund & Tackle Kids Cancer.

Black Rail is a LH Hook-Up Card member, offering 10% off all purchases, all the time. We'll see you there!

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