LH Spotlight: Alpha Minds Academy

As the new school year begins, so does the time of extra curricular activities and after school programs. Let us introduce you to Alpha Minds Academy.

Alpha Minds Academy is an academic enrichment program that provides kids the chance to learn and play in order to reach their full potential. With classes like chess, coding, math, logic, and Russian, kids learn to appreciate learning and have fun doing it!

Owner and director, Anna Novosyolok, started the program eight years ago in Jersey City and has been running the program in Hoboken's Hudson School for the last seven years. She has been following the trends and the ever growing demand, adding classes like coding and chess in more recent years. The program is designed to supplement the school curriculum and challenge the children, so each child is placed according to their skill level and not just their age. The classes attract both kids who need a little boost in skills as well as those who excel in school and are seeking more of a challenge.

The classes are run on a semester schedule, meaning that the program progresses weekly with the curriculum. The programs are geared for children ages 3 and up, with chess starting at just 4 years old!

We chatted with one mom who has been sending her children to Alpha Minds Academy for seven years. Once her youngest starts this fall, all four of her children will be a part of the Alpha Minds Academy!

"Understanding the importance of math in today's computer dominated society, I wanted to make sure my children were super comfortable with math and mathematical concepts at all levels and grades of their education. The instructors have been friendly and open to communicating with parents ... I find their approach to be a good mix of drills for quick computations, but also including a thoughtful, comprehensive approach to problem solving. I am a big proponent of introducing math early and strong in a child's life, and AlphaMinds has the right program and approach for this in a non intimidating way. I highly recommend it, and encourage sticking through several semesters to really see the difference. " - LM, mom of 4

Alpha Minds Academy is currently accepting registrants for their Fall 2019 semester! To learn more about Anna, the academy and their programs visit their website

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