LH Health and Wellness Spotlight: Gina Russomano, CST

Photography by Little Hoboken Photography

I have been hearing about the benefits of craniosacral therapy for both children and adults since my first daughter was born.

I was very excited to have a session with Gina Russomano at Wellness Lab here in Hoboken!

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is an alternative modality of bodywork used for physical and psychological ailments. The goal of CST is to improve the function of the central nervous system, and a trained practitioner like Gina helps the body to heal and rebalance itself!

As a new mom of 2, exhaustion and stress come with the package, so I was really looking forward to seeing if this would help. The second I entered the space, I knew I was in good hands. Wellness Lab is a calm, inviting workspace and Gina is super sweet and walked me through exactly what to expect.

The experience felt similar to reiki - another alternative therapy - except it is all hands-on. I felt extremely relaxed, in an almost meditative state, throughout the entire session. When we were finished, I felt that all the stressful energy I had been carrying was melted away (Seriously! No easy task for someone running on minimal sleep!), and I remarked to Gina that I even felt a little dizzy. She told me this was normal and that it was important to hydrate for several days after a treatment.

We also discussed the benefits of CST for children starting right at birth. Gina offers several treatment packages including one called “The Newborn” which is perfect for new and expecting moms (would also make a great gift!).

And, as an added bonus, these packages can be purchased with your Little Hoboken Hook-Up card and get 10% off, as well as $96 for a new client session.