Fit as a Mother Fitness Challenge!

We all have fitness or nutrition goals. We want to make something smaller, something bigger, something tighter, feel healthier, be stronger, be tougher, have energy...we could go on and on.

Melissa has shared her journey for the last 14 weeks of her transformation of mind and body and SO many of you have requested that we create a challenge for all of you to join in on, so we did!

And...we scored you a HUGE deal!

We partnered with IronPlate Studios and CycleBar to create the ultimate 8 week challenge in two formats to best fit different lifestyles!

There are limited spots in each challenge, so snag your spot and join us starting Monday, September 9!


The first challenge is in-person and includes personal training sessions and assessment with IronPlate Studios, unlimited membership for CycleBar, accountability meet-ups and (private) weigh-ins each week, a ton of swag, and all kinds of tools for success. This is Melissa's Team.


The second is when it works for you where you are. Maybe you can't make the in-person sessions or scheduled meet-ups because of work commitments, no childcare coverage or hectic lifestyles. No problem! You'll still get PERSONAL training from IronPlate Studios with their app and FaceTime capabilities that includes check-ins and accountabilities from the comfort of your own home or your own gym. you also get the tools for success, swag, and your meet-ups take place on a private Facebook page just for you. This is Cassie's Team.

Both include KICK ASS prizes for the person with the best results! Head to the shop now and reserve your spot! (Deposit required now and full payment is due prior to start of challenges.)

Not sure which works and why? We can tell you why each work for us.


As many of you know, I started this journey after crawling out of a nearly year long depression I didn't even know I was in. After a series of traumatic events, I turned to food, lost my will to exercise which was always important to me, and had trouble even getting off the couch most days just to survive the day. After a 40 lb weight gain, time was up for me and I needed help. I turned to Kristin and Merisa at IronPlate Studios and it was the best decision I ever made. With their help, I not only saw amazing physical results these past 14 weeks, but have completely changed the way I eat, the way I shop for food, and the drive for a great workout with them, in the gym alone, or on the Peloton bike. I have renewed self-confidence, have amazing strength both physically and mentally, and am on a pretty incredible journey. For me, I require accountability and love competition. I need to show up to get my butt kicked by someone in the gym, get weighed and measured and celebrate the inches and pounds I lost, hear someone applaud that I can do 30 pushups with no knees down (true story! Started doing maybe 5?!), and even fight to beat the person in front of me on the leaderboard for Peloton. Join me for 8 more weeks together! I promise to cheer for your push ups too!


This baby weight thing is no. joke. y'all.

The truth is, I lost the weight pretty easily after my first was born. This time around has been completely different. I gained a lot of weight during my two-year infertility journey. Between all of the meds and being pregnant three times in one year (2 lost pregnancies and one miracle child) I am left with 30 extra pounds of love...or not.

Having an infant is hard and his naps or moods or lack of sleep just don't always fit in a set schedule. So I need flexibility. I need to be able to do things with him in the stroller, or even in my apartment while he is sleeping. I need some accountability though, and I need some workout buddies to do this with. So, this second option is for those like me. We will keep each other in check. We will meet up for workouts when we can, and keep each other accountable for the at-home ones. Join me! Let's show our babies what we can do! xo