I'm A Little Bit Country...

Last fall, I wrote a post about a visit we took to The Catskills and how we fell in love with the magic of it. We haven't stopped thinking about wanting to explore some more areas and potentially purchasing a "get out of the city home" there. It's a quick drive from Hoboken. Most areas take about an hour to an hour and a half to get to and we can tell you right now, it's worth it!

The Catskills, to me, maintains the nostalgic vibe of what it was in its hey-day! It's a place to unplug, spend time with your family, and just have fun in FRESH AIR at your own pace. We decided to try a completely different type of resort than the bungalow village we visited last time. You can read more about that here.

So, we took Kane on an adventure to Pine Ridge Dude Ranch! Pine Ridge embodies everything you'd think a dude ranch would be. It's rustic, it's log cabin-esque, and everyone around you has a cowboy hat on! We checked in and got our activities itinerary and were directed to our room. Our room had two queen sized beds and a set of bunk beds which would be great for a larger family! Everything is walkable from your hotel room--even for the little legs.

They have fun activities like horseshoes, corn hole, bocce, a giant trampoline pillow, rock climbing wall, playground, archery (not real arrows so little ones can do it and not kill you in the process), hiking trails, indoor and outdoor pools, a small arcade and snack bar, a bar, a nightclub, and so much more! It's all-inclusive, so you only have to pay for alcohol if you choose to and it's completely affordable if you do (we chose to). Kids are allowed in the bar/club for dance parties and magic shows. There's also a Starbucks in the lobby complete with soy, oat, and almond milk. There are nightly bonfires with s'mores, BBQ nights, organized meal times, a petting zoo with literally the largest bull I've ever seen in my life that lets you pet him, and family-fun activities such as water balloon contests, line dancing, DJ dance parties at the pool (with a bar!), and a huge assortment of board games. I saw a group of high schoolers sitting at a table just playing The Game of Life and noticed that not one of them had a cell phone out. Picture that!

You also get horseback riding and pony rides included in your stay! The ponies can't go on the trails, so if you have little ones like I do and want to do the trails, I have great news...they have a kid's day camp you can drop your kid in while you go on the gorgeous trail rides and then pick them back up! We thought we'd have to pass, but Kane told us he preferred kids camp to make friends than to hang with us. Have I mentioned what an ego-boost having him around is?

We enjoyed our stay so much, we spoke to the management team and we have a treat for you too! We have an Instagram giveaway happening now to win an overnight stay for 4 valid for a year! Head on over to our Instagram now and enter!

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