And For That Reason, WE ARE IN! (The Kids of ROCKET CLUB Debut Their Business Ventures)

The inaugural class of Hoboken's ROCKET CLUB have completed their first semester and the skills they have learned are absolutely incredible. These kids aren't just playing with robots: They are building, they are coding, and they are putting all of their skills together to create their own small businesses. The kids are competing in their very own "Shark Tank" style competition, where the winner will receive $10,000 to launch their business! There are 17 kids with 17 incredible business ideas and all we can can say is ... Hey kid, are you hiring??

Introducing Hoboken's newest & youngest entrepreneurs:


Katherine Laurens

12 years old

Taking on the $17 Billion Cosmetic Industry

About: Beauty In Berries,, is a vegan-friendly makeup line of organic lipsticks and balms. Katherine Laurens plans to take on the makeup industry by using all organic berries picked right from the farm to create an all-natural lip color, taste, and look. Katherine is currently building a prototype for a fully autonomous mixing and packaging robot. In June 2019, Katherine was invited to tour the Estee Lauder manufacturing facility and headquarters to meet its senior leadership team who are interested in the lip line concept.

Industry Size: Cosmetics is a $17 Billion Dollar Industry

Business Model: Manufacturer and Retailer

Competitors: Too Faced, Lime Crime


Megan Groo & Ana Curry

12 Year Old Best Friends Take on the $3 Billion Wedding Invitation Market

About: Calligraphi is a greeting cards service-based business that combines the ancient art of calligraphy and the use of 21st century robotics to create customizable cards for any occasion. The robotic arm holds on to a real pen that allows the nib, the pointed end of a quill, to stroke the card as if it were a master artisan from the middle ages inviting guests to the King’s soirée. With greeting cards on the rise for weddings, special holidays, and thank yous -- Calligraphi will get your guests to-be to RSVP.

The robotic arm was designed by two twelve-year olds whose knowledge of gears, axels, switches, polarity, and motors were built and programmed to draw an authentic art piece each time. Calligraphi already has two deals in the works.

Industry Size: Wedding invitations is a $3 billion dollar market

Business Model: Service (Priced per card written)

Competitors: Handwrytten, Traditional Calligraphers


Kayden Jones

10 Year Old Develops Indoor Farm to Take on the $12 Billion Local Food Industry

About: GrowInLow is an organic herb company that produces the freshest edible herbs grown right in NYC’s backyard, in Weehawken, New Jersey. Kayden has developed an indoor robotic farming system that grows an assortment of deliciously edible organic herbs. With his expert vegan knowledge, Kayden will have you saying “mmmhhh” to a second helping! His setup includes a grow deck, LED lamp, seed pods, and grow domes that use the moist freshest dirt available. To taste more, look for the GrowInLow sticker at your nearest vegan restaurant. He is already in talks with multiple restaurants and natural markets in the NYC area.

Industry Size: Local food is a $12 billion dollar industry

Business Model: Agriculture and wholesale

Competitors: AeroGarden, Supermarkets


Divya Jehangir & Eliza Grace Herman

9 Year Olds Make a Sweet Deal for Their Soft Serve Ice Cream Brand for Dogs

About: Ice Pups is an all-natural soft serve ice cream created for your best furry friend, your doggie. Why should we humans have all the delicious frozen fun this summer? Inspired by the founders’ pets, Skittles a multi-pooch and Ruby a labrador, were both having a ruff day when they decided to cheer up and go out for ice cream. A scoop had fallen off the floor and Ice Pups was born. Currently two flavors are being mixed daily with the friendliest ingredients and your dog’s sensitive belly in mind. It will have your pooch howlin’ for Ice Pups’ all organic sweet potato or peanut butter frozen yogurt blends! Look for the duo conducting taste tests around Hoboken to see how their treats hold up. Ice Pups has signed a deal with Shore 2 Please ice cream trucks, a Jersey Shore, NJ novelty ice cream trucks. The ice cream will be sold on seven different trucks’ routes. While you and your are getting a tan on the beach, make sure to get them a pup-sicle.

Industry Size: Pet food is a $91 billion marketplace

Business Model: Manufacturing and retail (through ice cream trucks)

Competitors: Pooch Creamery, Purina Frosty Paws


Myra zur Mehlen

11 Year Old Takes on the $203 Billion Pet Care Marketplace

About: Quirbi is an interactive robotic cat camera, treat dispenser, and cathletic play toy for your favorite frisky feline. Quirbi was created to fight the seasonal epidemic of cat boredom -- it’s a real thing, just ask any cat owner about the state of their couch a.k.a new scratch post. When indoor cats lack sufficient stimulation their anxiety will turn destructive. Quirbi allows you to play and talk with your pet from anywhere by using its app. Then give them a treat for not knocking over all your vases.

Competitor products are mostly stationary and cats get easily bored, Quirbi’s robotic technology is designed to keep them company and entertained. The prototype was designed and built using a 3D printer.

Industry Size: Pet care is a $203 billion dollar marketplace

Business Model: Manufacturing, retail, and subscription

Competitors: Furbo, Petzi


Chad Stone ,Ryan Halligan , James Rocha-Mann, Jack Halligan, &Cooper Symon

Young Entrepreneurs Take on the $28 Billion Sports Drink Industry

About: Fuel Pops is a frozen sports drink filled with real fruit and hydrating electrolytes that you can eat or drink with one hand, while dunkin’ on your friends with the other. Developed by five young athletes, Fuel Pops will have you refuelin’ and coolin’ this summer. Have you ever frozen a water bottle only for the drink to freeze only to be held captive until it fully melts? And plain old water will have you running -- to the bathroom. Not being able to refuel quickly will hurt your game and cred. One bit or sip of Fuel Pops will bring your game to a new level.

Industry Size: The sports drink market is a $28 billion marketplace

Business Model: Manufacturing and retail

Competitors: Gatorade and Powerade

Founders: Chad Stone (10), Ryan Halligan (11), Jack Halligan (12), Cooper Symon (9), James Rocha-Mann (8)


Rohan Grover, Rajan Grover &Henry Peloquin

Young Soccer Enthusiasts Develop Tech to Take on the $7 Billion Soccer Industry

About: GIC: Goal In Check’s company is based on one thing, improving the art of soccer for all. The founders believe that setting up Goal-Line Technology for amateur soccer games of all ages encourages sportsmanship-like behavior. VAR technology is the current tech that the professional groups use to call their shots, but it comes at a hefty price that prices it out of any one’s league. The twin brothers, who are both youth soccer players in a NJ travelling team, believe that they can program two go-pro type cameras and a sensor to the referee’s smart watch, allowing for any calls or challenges to be replayed in real time. The technology is specifically set up to be leased to amateur leagues who understand affordability and practicality. GIC will help improve the game for every player….not just the pros. Will have you blowing the whistle on your opponents...

Industry Size: Youth Sports is a $7 Billion industry and Adult Soccer generates 28 Billion Annually

Business Model: Equipment leasing

Competitors: GoalControl and V.A.R

Founders: Rohan Grover (9), Rajan Grover (9), Henry Peloquin (10)


Joshua Dayo

12 Year Old Develops Prototype to Take on $26 Billion Concession Catering Industry

About: OMnI: On-land Mobility for Interactive Interfaces is a remote controlled robot that can hold all your devices or be programmed for any task. At the moment, it is the impressive robotic prototype is programmed for leasing to stadiums for In-Seat concession stand delivery robot at baseball games or to theaters for popcorn delivery, right to your seat! No more waiting in line at half time or missing the plot of the movie. There are virtually so many things that you can program this robot to do. Joshua, the founder's vision is to integrate technology solutions into the lives of everyday humans.

Industry Size: Concession catering is a $26 billion dollar business

Business Model: Lease the robot to stadiums

Competitors: Concession stands and salespeople


Caden High

9 Year Old Looks to Disrupt the $50 Million Monster Truck Industry

About: Hold on to your Mountain Dew, because Mini Monster Truck Meetups are about to run you over with fun. Have you ever been to a Monster Truck show and thought, “I wish I too could be in control of a truck and run things over?” Well now you can! Mini Monster Truck Meetups are a niche group that hands you a remote controlled monster truck with the purpose of crashing into opponents and getting dirty. Much cheaper than a therapist, this allows you to let some energy loose. The app will host competitions similar to how Monster Truck operates. Be in control of your action and fun!

Industry Size: Monster Truck is a $50 million dollar industry

Business Model: Event Ticket Sales and Sponsorships

Competitors: Monster Truck


Connor Rogers

Teen Leverages 3d Printing to Take on the $132 Billion Phone Accessory Industry

About: Wolf Easel is a 3d printed phone stand company that will securely hold your phone as you enjoy the latest Netflix release or do your homework ;). The founder of Wolf Easel really loves his phone and wants to create a better way for you to experience and interact with your devices.

Industry Size: The phone accessories market is a $132 billion dollar market

Business Model: Manufacturing and Retail

Competitors: Pop Sockets

Founders: Connor Rogers, 12 years old


Michael Bolognino & Charlie Peloquin

Young Entrepreneurs Leverage Robotics to Take on $82 Billion Landscape Industry

About: MoScaping is a service-based business that uses an Autonomous Landscaping robot to cut your grass perfectly and spray organic mosquito repellant. This machine will not only give your grass a perfectly cut yard… something else. Inspired by the founders summers outside and all their itchy bug bites -- they sought to find a new way to experience the great outdoors. Taking inspiration from their own favorite places, their backyards, they are supping up a Roomba robot with blades and adding all-terrain wheels. Moscaping will have you saying ‘no mo’ to those nasty mosquito bites.

Industry Size: landscape services industry has annual revenues of $82 billion, annualgrowth of 4.8%, employs 1 million people, and represents 508,002 businesses

Business Model: Service

Competitors: BrightView, TruGreen Cos., The Davey Tree Expert

Founders: Michael Bolognino (11) and Charlie Peloquin (9) in 2019