Father's Day Contest Finalists!




Submitted by his wife, Casey:

"I know there are tons of amazing fathers out there, but my little man’s dad is the best :). I knew my husband, Josh, was going to be an amazing father by the way he’s raised our, now 8 year old, pup, Bear, but ever since our little Nate was born, Josh has continued to blow me away. He is a natural, hands on daddy — always there to support our family, whether that means to get our little 5 month old Nate to giggle, change a blowout diaper (and clothes, bedding...all you mama’s and daddy’s have been there), give Nate some extra snuggles and rocks when he’s worked up and won’t go down to sleep, you name it. Nate is so little, but already looks up to his super hero daddy. And likewise, I’m more in love with him each day I see him shining in this new role, as a daddy to our Nate and Bear. I am SO grateful to go through this wild ride of parenthood with Josh by my side!"


Submitted by his wife, Katherine:

"I would love to enter my man for his contest, because as far as a husband/dad goes- he’s aces. Matt is the best dad because he spoils all of his ladies (yes, all 4 of us). He goes above and beyond every day to make sure we are happy, healthy, and constantly loved. He is really setting such a great example to our daughters of what a real husband and dad should be— an equal partner. There’s nothing that he won’t do- and he never has to be asked, he just rolls with it. Plus- he often reminds a busy mama to stop and appreciate the small things and our beautiful family we created. A dad who reminds us to stop for a cute mirror selfie— what’s better than that?!"


Submitted by his wife, Desiree:

"I think my son has the best dad bc...Our first born, Mason, is now 6 months old. I always knew Drew would be a great father, but I have seen a whole new side of him since our son was born. I'll gladly hand over my crown any day of the week bc he more than deserves one. A couple of weeks ago, he walked in the door from work with tears in his eyes. He cried for several minutes and was saying how happy he was to be a dad and how lucky he felt to be Mason’s father. It was one of the cutest moments that I will never forget. We are so lucky to have him as a husband and father."