Like so many in Hoboken, we are big fans of Dr. Kapoor and the team at Hoboken Smile Specialists. When Dr. Kapoor first opened her doors, we both booked appointments for our kids' first dentist appointments. The first appointment can be so stressful, and we were excited & comforted by the idea of a dedicated pediatric dental practice. Those first appointments for both Eliza & Kane were great, and we have been singing the praises of Hoboken Smile Specialists ever since.

It has been three years since Dr. Kapoor first opened her doors, and so much has changed in both her personal and professional lives!

After welcoming her baby girl last year, Dr. Kapoor got a first hand look into every day life as a working mom. Her new life experiences started to shape her approach with patients and the services offered at Hoboken Smile Specialists. When Hoboken Smile Specialists first started, Dr. Kapoor was holding down the fort on her own. She has since brought on another pediatric dentist, as well as an orthodontist, expanding the services offered to include orthodontics, adult dentistry, Invisalign and specialty teeth whitening. Likely the biggest change has been with Dr. Kapoor herself. Having experienced a "tongue tie" with her own daughter, Dr. Kapoor now offers Laser Frenectomies (the corrective treatment). She is able to provide this service to newborns, toddlers an adolescents having issues with feeding or speech.

As a mother, Dr. Kapoor realized even more the need for a collaborative and informative practice. "My emphasis on collaborative care and preventing over treatment really sets my practice apart; I service as an integral resource to this community to provide information so parents can make informed decisions about their children without feeling pressure by growing trends and really focus on the issues at hand."

While its true that family dentists can treat pediatrics, Dr. Kapoor is a board certified pediatric dentist which requires significantly more schooling and training specifically related to pediatrics. This certification is one that Dr. Kapoor is rightfully proud of and works hard to educate the community on.

A quick chat with Dr. Kapoor will leave you feeling more comfortable about bringing your child to the dentist. Her passion for what she does is evident, and as we all know, motherhood has a way of bringing an entirely new perspective to everything. Is it time for you to see what Dr. Kapoor has been up to?

Visit Dr. Kapoor and her team at Hoboken Smile Specialists!