My Kids Have the Best Dad, Because...

I remember the first time I looked at my then-boyfriend and thought, "he's gonna be a great dad some day." I also remember the first time I saw him be an actual dad once our baby was here. Four and a half years later, I couldn't think of a better daddy, role model, teacher, and bestie for my little guy. I know I'm not alone thinking this. Cassie couldn't have agreed more about her husband with her children when she and I discussed this, so in typical Little Hoboken fashion, we have a Father's Day contest!!!

Photo Credit: Little Hoboken Photography

Email us at and tell us BRIEFLY why your kids have the best dad. Submit a picture of their daddy being a dad to them. Entries must be submitted no later than Friday, June 14. We will narrow our favorites down to four people and YOU the readers will get to vote.

Photo Credit: Little Hoboken Photography

But what do we win? Well, your family will get a FREE family photo shoot with some of the digital images edited from Little Hoboken Photography to capture even more memories!

In honor of Father's Day, enter away! Show us why your kids have Hoboken (or Jersey City's) best dad!