LH SPOTLIGHT: IMX Pilates and Fitness

If there is one thing we know about Hoboken, it's that we love our fitness studios!

(And, apparently poké bowls, but we can discuss that another time!) The newest fitness studio to join the scene is IMX Pilates and Fitness. This studio is located at 335 River and is a cross-conditioning workout that combines pilates, strength-training, and cardio to give you one crazy-good workout.

Owners, Sam and Oscar, opened their doors about 2 months ago and are already falling in love with the passion of Hoboken. As gym owners, they consider it their "duty to deliver the best workout experience and results" . IMX Pilates and Fitness workouts are designed to help build lean muscle, reduce inches around your waist, strengthen your core, and improve your posture. They offer small classes allowing for one-on-one attention with each class attendee, always making sure that everyone's form is perfect so that each workout is safe and efficient.

Ready to try one out? IMX Pilates and Fitness offers each local a FREE VIP class to try and has a variety of class pack & membership options.

Learn more at IMX HOBOKEN and tell them you heard it on LH!