How Melissa's Getting Her Groove Back

Last week, I took to Instastories and confessed some private musings about my issues with my weight and overall health. The response from you all was amazing! I received such supportive and positive messages and it further inspires me on this journey. For those that missed it, I'll be brief. I had a rough year. I wrote about it at the end of last year. The summary is that my mom died after a long battle with illness, my grandmother died, my dad was hospitalized twice for two serious incidents, my son spent a week in the hospital for something terrifying, we had family drama that happened post-deaths and our family grew divided, and I was in between jobs. That was all in the last 9 months. I found myself in a depression of sorts...lack of motivation and turning to carbs. So, my body thanked me for the bad eating and no exercising with an additional 35 pounds! My wake-up call was the day that my "big jeans" wouldn't close! I knew I was mentally ready to make the change. I guess that was my "rock bottom". Once mentally ready, I sought out to find the person to help me make the physical transformation. Even though I let myself go to hell, I actually know a lot about appropriate diet and fitness. I just wasn't using it. I also needed the accountability factor which is where Kristin and her team at Iron Plate Studios came in. Kristin is helping me on my diet and health transformation while Denise and Merisa are kicking my ass twice a week in the gym, coupled with the food journal and cardio four times a week (again, accountability!). I also committed to share before and after pics with you guys plus let you see real numbers from the scale and measurements. I simply ask that you allow me a couple of weeks to see a difference before I show you the "before" numbers and photos!

I asked Kristin to describe the program that I'm doing in the hopes that anyone else looking for a change feels like she's the right fit for them too! It's a woman run business and all the trainers are women, however, they train tons of men too! Kristin has a CRAZY IMPRESSIVE resume and she and I had similar stories which is why I felt that connection instantly.

"At IronPlate Studios we offer different levels of Transformation Programs which are 4, 8 or 12-week length programs that integrate personal training with intensive weekly nutrition sessions to make the most of your time and see the most results possible. It incorporates a detailed nutrition assessment, program design, weekly weigh-ins and measurements to track progress, as well as before/afters, and intense fitness training in our private studio as well as a large amount of accountability to your coaches. Nutrition education is a key component of this program as well, teaching you how to eat for a lifetime, not using fad diets or trendy short terms fixes. These Transformation Programs are for those looking to make a dramatic change in their physique and have the time and commitment to do so. "

But wait...there's more! First things first, Iron Plate IS a vendor on the LH Hook-Up!

Buy a 10 pack and get a free session, that's 11 PRIVATE one-hour sessions for less than $100 each!! And trust me, you get your money's worth in that hour! get a FREE 30 minute FaceTime remote training session too! Your Hook-Up card also gets you 15% off all nutrition packages.

Kristin and I will be chronicling my journey on the blog with videos, live chats on IG, and of course, progress (and failure!) along the way!

Have a question you want answered about nutrition or fitness, let me know and we'll try to get it answered! (