EARTH DAY 2019:  OUR EARTH, OUR FUTURE – Protect Our Species Campaign

Today is Earth Day – a day that is celebrated worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Earth Day started in 1970 and as awareness increases and the state of our planet declines, people are becoming more willing than ever before to make changes to their lifestyle. If you are one of these people, we have you covered.

Today, we are sharing small changes you can make to live a more eco-friendly, environmentally conscious lifestyle, plus, ways you can get involved locally through events and groups. While we do not cover everything here to help save our planet and create a better future for our kids, making these small changes do add up to a lot of change – especially when we take action together! Happy Earth Day!


one – Hoboken Recycles – an easy residential guide/one-sheet on the proper way to recycle in Hoboken.

two – Hoboken Green Team – A community effort to reduce waste, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and improve environmental equity empowering communities to build a better world for future generations. Join their Facebook group here to get involved!

three – Community Compost Company - In partnership with Community Compost Company, the City of Hoboken offers residential composting services, taking collected food scraps to farms where they are recycled into compost (which is used to fertilize the soil). By separating food scraps and other organic materials for composting, it’s an easy way to divert waste from the landfill and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Plus, it saves money for Hoboken taxpayers by cutting down on landfill fees and the volume and frequency of garbage collection. Win, Win! Click here for an easy one-sheet on how you can start composting. It’s SO easy!

four – Hoboken Spring Fling - The City of Hoboken will hold its Third Annual Spring Fling, a community-wide day of service dedicated to cleaning up our parks and public spaces, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 4. Register here for one of the many events!

five - Hoboken Hydration Station Program - The Hoboken Hydration Station Program is an initiative by the Hoboken Green Team to reduce the amount of single-use plastic water bottles in our City, making it easy for residents and visitors to stay hydrated and save money. Participating local businesses (restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.) will now allow you to refill your reusable water bottle – for FREE! Look for a Hydration Station sticker in the storefront window to identify participating businesses.

six - Hoboken Green Parents Facebook Group – A group dedicated to making Hoboken a greener place. It’s a great resource created and led by Amy Duskin, a local mom and makeup artist, to share ideas, initiatives, activities, and articles that benefit the community as a whole. You can join here.


Use your purchasing power to support companies that are doing their part to help save the planet!

one – 4ocean - A U.S. company focused on removing plastic waste from the ocean and is funded by selling bracelets made from recycled materials. Each purchase pulls 1 lb of trash from oceans. 4,000,313 lbs Of trash has been pulled so far. Help save our oceans and buy your 4ocean bracelet here for $20!

two – BLUELAND - A U.S. company focused on re-inventing conventional cleaning products and personal care products to eliminate the need for wasteful plastic packaging. Officially launching on Earth Day! Visit their site to receive their first product – for FREE! Also, did we mention that this company was co-founded by our very own Cassie Mascari’s brother-in-law, John Mascari??

three allbirds - San Francisco-based direct-to-consumer startup aimed at designing environmentally-friendly footwear. The company is dropping five limited edition runners for Earth Day 2019.

four Rothy’s - San Francisco based shoe company selling shoes that are made of 100% recycled fiber.

five Green Toys - U.S. ultra-safe non-toxic toy company made out of 100% recycled milk jugs.

sixBeautycounter – Clean beauty brand with safe and high performing products. Beautycounter is a B Corporation putting people and the planet before profit with safer products, sustainability, charitable giving, advocacy, and transparency.

sevenMAC Cosmetics – Pioneered the makeup recycling program to control makeup-related waste through their Back to MAC Program, encouraging customers to send back used packaging in exchange for a free lipstick.


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