The Soccer Mom: GOOOAALLLL……Travel Soccer Tryout Time

Is your son or daughter the next Pele or Mia Hamm? Maybe Lionel Messi and Alex Morgan are a more topical reference for the youngster nowadays. Hoboken pre-travel soccer registration has opened. HCFC, or Hoboken City Futbol Club, has been around for almost 30 years. HCFC is partnered with the New York Red Bulls. If you have your child enrolled in any of the Red Bulls clinics or summer camp, you may recognize the coaches. If your child was born in 2012 and 2013, they do not get evaluated, but are automatically on the team while spots are still available. These kids are considered the pre-travel team. Great news — there is NO travel required! Every child must still register for the rec league.

Here is what you should expect:

Practice will be held twice a week during the Fall and Spring and scrimmages will be designated for Sundays in the Fall and Saturdays in the Spring. My son started really getting into soccer when he was 6. His rec coach told us about the league, but we were too late to enroll for that year. We participated the following year. This was the last year he was eligible for pretravel. I am so glad we had that 1 year to participate. He LOVED it. Being able to enroll for the pre-travel team, we could see how he was going to react to the extra obligation without the full commitment of a real travel team. As I watched him this past Fall, I did notice his skills greatly improved.

I know when I heard about travel, one of the first things I thought was, “HOW MUCH IS THIS GOING TO COST ME!!??” Pre-travel costs can run an estimate $625-$800 a season. The older children that make the Travel teams price can run $975-$1250 for the season. Travel Teams play in the Northern Counties Soccer League ( and a few play in the Eastern Development League ( Players are expected to attend all practices and games. If a player decides to leave the team mid-season, it will leave the team down a player. There are NO REFUNDS!!! Families must sign a financial agreement document. Please keep all this in mind when considering this, or any travel program. I played many different sports as a child and do have my concerns with starting travel so early. My oldest son is being evaluated for the U9 team and my youngest will be starting his 1st year of pretravel. If your child enjoys soccer and you want them to be a part of the travel team eventually, I would recommend to participate in Pretravel. Registration link is below. Travel Team (children born 2011 and earlier) tryouts registration was week of April 8th and April 15th.