Little List: Home Cleaning Companies

Life gets really busy and sometimes you need extra help to get everything done. Would you rather be spending time with your loved ones than cleaning? If so, here is a list of local cleaning companies that can help you out.

Bluestone Cleaning Services

(201) 590-5369

Bonnie's Maids House Cleaning

(201) 725-3163

Camila's Maid Service

(551) 998-6548

Clean Popo

(201) 690-7030

Contempo Cleaners

(201) 589-9144 (LH Hook-Up Vendor!)

EcoPure Home and Apartment Cleaning Services

(888) 639-2011

Green Touch Cleaning Services

(201) 356-7702


Kelly Maid Service and Carpet Cleaning

(201) 628-6800

Maid 2 Service Inc.

(201) 877-8318

Maid In Hoboken

(201) 659-9500

Maid in JC

(201) 898-2333

MaidStay Cleaning Services

(201) 855-9052

LH Hook-Up Vendor!

Regina's Maids

(201) 420-1111

Spotless Cleaning

(201) 575-2277

Super Maids (formerly Liberty Housekeeping)

(201) 984-3512

Thorough Cleaning and Concierge

(973) 975-2523

Thoughtful Maids

(201) 479-2772

*LH does not guarantee that any company listed here is insured. This list serves as a reference only. Please do your due diligence prior to allowing anyone into your home.*

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