LH Spotlight: Wander and Roam Play Mats

If you were following along on my latest Instastory share about some of my favorite products, you likely saw my post about the Wander & Roam Play Mats. These mats are great, and work really well for my family's needs. We don't really have the space (or the desire, actually) to have a play mat out all of the time. We tried the squares that you put together, but constructing and deconstructing the mat all the time just became a pain. We were thrilled to try out the Wander & Roam play mat and immediately loved it. It's all one piece, so it is really easy to take out when we need it and roll it up into a closet when we don't. The mat is really soft (or as my daughter says, "super squishy on your feet"). And, it has all the health-related things we worry about when using new products with our kids:

-Made from non-toxic foam


-no latex, BPA, or PVC



My favorite feature is that it is double sided with 2 different patterns. I am usually a straight-line and minimalist kind of girl, but I love the option to switch it up! Click Here to get yours

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