The Holistic Mom: Another Day, Another Oil

Okay, so I’m obsessed with all things oil it seems - essential, coconut, and my newest love -- Tamanu oil.

Before I became a wellness junkie I was a dumb college kid who loved to bake in tanning beds (insert face palm emoji).

Now that I am older and wiser, I am constantly looking for ways to keep my skin hydrated and well cared for - I have years of mistakes to make up for!

I recently came upon Tamanu oil (I got mine here.) and I am totally loving it!

This oil is extracted from the nuts of evergreen trees and is super good for your hair, nails, and skin. This is because it is full of vitamin E and anti-oxidants.

I put on a thin layer every night - I find it a little too thick to go under makeup in the morning.

Tamanu oil is anti-aging (hello!) and super moisturizing and I love how my skin feels when I wake up. It’s also a treatment for psoriasis, acne, and even eczema! Any other eczema mamas out there? My daughter has mostly outgrown hers, but super glad to have this on hand for the future.

Oh, and guess what else - it treats stretch marks and keloids! C-section mamas will want to check this out for sure.

You can also run a small amount through dry, damaged hair after washing for moisturizing.

If you’re an oil addict like me you will want to add this to your arsenal for sure!

Jessica Crystal is an RN, BSN with a degree from the University of Delaware, a holistic health coach certified from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and a mom to a busy toddler, Emma. She enjoys yoga, reading, and shopping and eating on Washington Street. She has lived in Hoboken for over six years with her husband Adam. Jessica runs Little Hoboken Health and Wellness and you can see her on Instastories every Wednesday for Wellness Wednesdays (@littlehoboken).